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Massimo Troisi, Mario Marton announces a documentary written by his ex-girlfriend

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Massimo Troisi Return to the big screen. With a documentary about him written by his ex-partner in life and work, Anna PavinianoAnd from Mario Marton. “Someone Loves Me There” is directed by Marton himself who, through unpublished content and testimonies from colleagues and friends, wants to tell the genius and legend of the unforgettable actor from San Giorgio Cremano. “We are making this movie to hear it again, to watch it again, to be with it.”

«With Massimo – declares Marton – a friendship was born on the basis of great mutual respect, I loved his cinema, and we yearned to work together. The possibility of being exposed to a documentary that the audience can find today on the big screen is something special for me, I can go back to dialogue with him and listen to him and bring him to the spectators yesterday and who they are today are many.” The director adds: “Massimo has always been alive in the collective imaginationBecause he was a great spirit and a great artist. And it’s very special for me to be working on the script with Anna Paviniano, who has written all of Massimo’s films and whose presence by his side was a good indication of how open, argumentative and forward he sees things. How much can he talk to us now?”

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