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Chiara Ripamonti is on loan to Brescia Calcio Family

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Brescia Calcio Female has announced that she has temporarily bought the sports offers of footballer Chiara Ripamonti from Fiorentina.

The footballer, who turns 22 on March 31, is a flexible right-footed defender
He can cover both the central position and the right-back position.

Originally from Monza, Ripamonte after he started playing with the boys at the age of six, he played at Villamonza, then Inter and Fiorentina. For the past eighteen months it has been in the Citadel lineup and is now at the disposal of Mr. Massimo Morales.

“I am very happy to be in Brescia – Ripamonte first words -. I have ambitions
as important as society. The goal is to do the best you can, individual growth and winning
Have fun. It’s going to be a long and tough tournament, and we’ll have to fight, but I’m not
afraid. Certainly physical fencing and making me feel on the field are among my characteristics
Better. I tell the fans that I am happy to have them by my side: I was able to appreciate them in
past seasons and has always been distinguished by its constancy and presence.”

LiveMedia Photos / Lisa Guglielmi

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