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Audrey Hill, a former student of the Nashville School Massacre

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was called Audrey E Hill The young woman identified as the killer who killed at least six people at the school NashvilleThey include three children and three adults. According to local media, the woman was 28 years old and a student at the Catholic school reigns in a city Tennessee. As mentioned before NBCHill lived in Nashville, where his family also resides. But the local police chief John Drake He explained that the investigators have so far tried to contact the mother and brother without success. Investigators will later be able to contact the father. according to New York Post, the woman worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. The 28-year-old allegedly stormed the school through the side doors, avoiding the normally closed main doors, heavily armed. Two assault rifles and a pistol obtained legally. In the course of shooting encountered Five agentsTwo of these fire and manage to stop her, killing her. Her car, which was left parked near the school, helped the police identify the woman. The agents search his house, which they enter after detonating a grenade in the door.


The woman also left a text that the police consider to be his He appears Which would explain the reasons that would have pushed her to commit the massacre. Targeted work according to the police, according to which the woman had “maps of the property on which the school was built”. According to the police, Audrey Hill identified herself as transgender. There are many posts on social networking sites attributed to women with their graphic creations.

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