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Save up to 50%, delight families with gift (double) and money right away

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Access to government aid in relation to the water bill and water consumption in general.

Italians are currently facing great difficulty because the cost of living is constantly increasing.


Families are enjoying increasingly low and precarious incomes but in the meantime, everything is increasing price.

Lots of help on the water bill

As we know, the government stepped in with bonuses on energy and gas bills but it has now arrived too Invaluable waterfront assistance will save Italian families a lot of money.


Before seeing the water reward, it is important to remember that, in any case, there is another active reward that can allow 20% off your bill. This is the so-called reward tap. So before you see the 50% discount bonus Let’s see how bonus faucets can make you save. The faucets reward goes to helping families replace faucets in the home and in general the bathroom and kitchen with more modern components. Able to consume less water. Thanks bonus taps Both shower heads and faucets It is possible to replace other bathroom and kitchen components with new ones that consume less water.

Big Savings Opportunity with Bonus

But there is another bonus, perhaps even more valuable, that allows you to make significant savings in terms of water. As we know, the water that comes out of the Italian canals is usually of high quality. However, Italian families buy mineral water and that really is a bite. Bottles of mineral water are expensive and tiring to carry home. Specifically, the bonus comes that allows you to get 1000 euros for installing a purification system in the house. With this 1000 euros, you can install a purifier that allows tap water to be pleasant and rich in mineral salts.

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This is the most useful bonus

This bonus allows you to get 50% off home purifiers Thus it is certainly a very powerful aid to obtain these systems. Bonus up to 1,000 euros for families And up to 5,000 euros for companies. But in both cases the savings will always be 50%. The purpose of this bonus is to avoid expensive mineral water and allow Italians to drink tap water. In addition, this bonus is also environmentally friendly because there are many bottles of mineral water that are placed In the environment they form a very strong form of environmental pollution.

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