Home entertainment How much did Massimo Poldi earn per movie with Christian De Sica: The Blockbuster Character?

How much did Massimo Poldi earn per movie with Christian De Sica: The Blockbuster Character?

How much did Massimo Poldi earn per movie with Christian De Sica: The Blockbuster Character?

Massimo Poldi, how much did he earn per movie with Cristian De Sica: the bombshell figure revealed by the actor himself.

Massimo Poldi and Christian De Sica They are two of the most famous names in the world of Italian cinema in the last 30 years; Together they made so many films, many released in conjunction with the Christmas holidays, that they were nicknamed “cinepanettoni”.

Maxim Poldi Cristian de Sica earning
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In short, the couple Boldi and De Sica have already set the standard in the genre, becoming absolute icons; When they interrupted their artistic collaboration (later resumed a few years ago) many, for this very reason, were truly sorry. But How much did the two earn per movie? This is the bomb number revealed by Boldi himself.

Massimo Poldi, Icon of Comedy and Cinepanettone

At the end of the eighties, Massimo Poldi started Artistic partnership with Christian De Sica, constituted for more than twenty years one of the longest-running artistic collaborations in the history of Italian cinema; The two broke off their artistic relationship at the beginning of the 2000s, then reconnected in 2012 as friends and also on the set in 2018, with Friends like before. The couple, who have become truly iconic year after year, have hit record collections together, and success is just around the corner; But how much did Massimo Poldi and Cristian De Sica earn for the many Cinnepanettone films shot in all these years of work? Apparently, it was Boldi himself who unveiled the mystery some time ago, Leaving all the fans speechless.

Earnings for the Duo Boldi-De Sica for Cinepanettoni: Revelation of the Lombard Artist

Yuppies, Bodyguards – Bodyguards, Fans, Paparizzi, Christmas Holidays, Christmas on the Nile And the Christmas in India These are just some of the successful films produced by the Boldi – De Sica duo, which have been truly appreciated by many viewers. The receipts were clearly record-breaking, just as the fees the two actors received were significant; in antecedent Interview with Wild Moose, vids podcastMassimo Poldi spoke exactly about the fee, revealing the average figure in lire per film shot. “But how much did you earn, in local currency, tell us, flex a little bit,” asks Fedex, flirting with Boldi (as evidenced in the interview video, also taken from the site movieplayer.it), with the actor responding that he’s got a lot.


Next, Boldi specifies: Are we talking about 40 years ago? 40 years ago, Christian and I were making 500 million movies“The actor explains. A really important figure, but it goes back to the times when there were still liras; turning the amount into euros, the rapper lets himself go to confession. “So 250,000 euros? I thought some more.” Although, as many users on the web have pointed out, the figure cannot be compared today, Fedez explains, because it is clear that the inflation rate has risen and the cost of living is higher, and therefore at that time this figure had a much greater economic weight “”important. Boldi and De Sica have certainly accumulated not only many goals, but also important personalities during their careers, in addition to all the public’s love that is still going strong today.


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