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Meeting of the European Union-Canada Joint Committee of Ministers

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Key results

The third meeting of the EU-Canada Joint Committee of Ministers was held in Brussels on 16 May 2022, chairing the EU High Representative on Foreign and Security Policy. Joseph Borel And Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie. This meeting provided an opportunity to confirm that The unique and dynamic nature of the EU-Canada partnership, Established on the basis of shared values ​​and broad historical, cultural, political and economic relations, and discuss ways to deepen it further. The Committee adopted a joint declaration.

Joseph Borel, High Representative of the Union for Foreign and Security Policy

Canada is one of the EU’s closest and most trusted partners. As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the temporary implementation of the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement, we are working more closely than ever to promote international order based on common values ​​and the rules established under international law. This is reflected in our united response to Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified occupation of Ukraine and our firm support for Ukraine and its people. The European Union (EU) and Canada are working together to tackle the effects of global war on energy and food insecurity, refugee support and reception. Thanks to the strong institutional framework underlying the Strategic Joint Agreement (APS) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), cooperation between the EU and Canada is strong and provides concrete and tangible benefits to the citizens of both regions.

Joseph Borel, High Representative of the Union for Foreign and Security Policy

Melanie Jolie, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

Today Canada and the EU not only share a common history and strong cultural and trade ties, but they have also developed a closer relationship than in previous decades. Thanks to strong alliances such as Canada with the European Union, the problems of the modern world in which we live can be resolved decisively.

Melanie Jolie, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

EU-Canada Bilateral Relations

On April 1, 2017, five years after the temporary application of the Strategic Partnership Agreement, the Joint Committee of Ministers generally examined the relationship and discussed ways to further deepen them.

Peace and security

The Joint Committee of Ministers of the European Union and the United Front of Canada (CMM) discussed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including the provision of political, financial, military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in conjunction with tough sanctions. It also looked at ways to jointly address the global food insecurity and food shortages caused by the war, and agreed that the EU and Canada should work together on this issue, especially the G7 and the United Nations Global Food Crisis Panel in the framework of the new Security Alliance.

The CMM also exchanged views on key foreign policy priorities such as China and the Indo-Pacific region, the situation in Afghanistan and the Sahel, as well as cooperation between the EU and Canada in Latin America and the Arctic.

In the current context of security, the Joint Committee of Ministers discussed ways to strengthen cooperation Departments of Defense and Defense In the context of the EU Public Security and Security Policy (CSDP) Tasks and Functions and Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) programs and the expansion of bilateral cooperation in conflict prevention and mediation, women, peace and security, as well as climate and security. The CMM also recognized the importance of further strengthening the EU-NATO partnership in a mutually reinforcing and mutually beneficial manner, in full compliance with the principles of content, reciprocity and decision-making autonomy.

CMM also discussed the possibility of further enhancing cooperation Crisis management And announced Canada’s willingness to pursue an administrative agreement with the European Union on civil defense.

Human Rights and Democracy

In the field Human Rights and Democracy The Mixed Council of Ministers announced the EU’s intention to support the partnership on a voluntary basis within the partnership. Action plan Of Canada Against arbitrary arrests Through research aimed at shedding light on this unacceptable practice. The two sides discussed increasing cooperation Manipulation of foreign information, including misinformation. In this regard, the European Union and Canada intend to jointly lead efforts under the G7 Rapid Response Mechanism to improve international standards through a series of expert meetings throughout 2022.

Energy, research and innovation and space

CMM highlights the work initiated by the Working Group on Green Change and LNG in the framework of the High Level Energy Dialogue announced by Commission Chairman Van der Leyen and Prime Minister Canadian Trudeau on Energy Security on March 23, 2022.

CMM expressed satisfaction over the deepening of cooperation in this field Science, Technology, Research and InnovationThe EU and Canada will begin preparations for negotiations on Canada’s possible engagement with the Horizon Europe project, which will put Canada on par with EU member states and union processors.

CMM welcomed the signing today of a cooperation agreement between the Canadian Space Agency and the European Commission, which continues to monitor the Earth in many areas of common interest by sharing satellite data on a reciprocal basis.

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