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Pardo, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s new movie will be from Netflix

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The highly anticipated new work from Mexican director Birdman and Revenant will hit theaters and be streamed on Netflix later this year. There’s a bet we’ll see him at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

You will be branded Netflix The A new movie from the five-time Academy Award winner Alejandro Gonzalez Inarrituwhich bears the title Bardo, the false record of a handful of facts.
giant flow It announced that it has acquired this highly anticipated new movie from the Mexican director of return And birdman, which is currently in post-production, and production is expected to be finished by the fall. At this point it is likely that the film will be in the program Venice Film Festival 2022.
cool It is the first feature film directed by Inarito Since 2015, year returnAnd his first shot in Mexico since then Amores BerosThe film showed him to the world as one of the greatest talents of contemporary cinema.
Captured in 65mm size and featuring a stunning photo of the Oscar nominee Darius Khenji (Amour, Se7en), BARDO will premiere in theaters worldwide later this year before debuting on Netflix.
written by Inarito And Nicholas Jacobon (who previously collaborated on the Oscar-winning screenplay Birdman or the unexpected virtue of ignorance and to that biology), Bardo, the false record of a handful of facts It is a nostalgic comedy set during a character’s epic journey. It tells the story of a famous Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker, who returns to his homeland and works during an existential crisis as he grapples with his identity, family relationships, mad memories, and his country’s past. Look for answers in his past to reconcile those in the present.

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“Alejandro is one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers and one of the pioneering presidents in our industry,” he said. Scott Stoper, President of Global Netflix Film. “cool It is a cinematic experience that inspired us to create a distribution strategy designed to make the film penetrate culture as widely as possible. We’ll be giving movie fans around the world the chance to experience the movie with a global release in theaters and on Netflix. Having known Alejandro for so long, I personally am very excited to finally be able to work alongside him and present his film to a global audience.”
cool played before Daniel Jimenez Kachou And Griselda Siciliani. Next to KhunjiThe director will collaborate with well-known professionals such as the Oscar-winning Mexican designer Eugenio Caballero (Rome, Pan’s Labyrinth) and fashion designer Anna Terrazas (Satan, Rome). The very private movie was shot in Mexico City, Inarritu’s hometown.
Inarritu won the Academy Award for Best Film, Direction and Screenplay in 2014 for Birdman or the unexpected virtue of ignorance And a second Oscar to take it out a year later returnWith Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio. Among his other award-winning titles, biology (2010), Babylon (2006), 21 grams (2003) and Amores Beros (2001). in 2018, Inarito Received Academy Special Achievement Award for his virtual reality installation Carney the Arena.

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