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New details revealed about the mysterious movie with Henry Cavill and Bryce Dallas Howard [FOTO]

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There’s an upcoming movie that has an excellent cast, is based on a novel but is completely shrouded in mystery: Let’s Talk About Argyleproduced by Apple Original Movies And directing as strong as the director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Men First Class, The Kingsman Trilogy). The protagonist it seems Henry CavillBut what is impressive and makes it small is what occupies the author of the novel behind the movie.

from Argyleactually, Nothing is known If not this is it An exciting spy story Based on the as-yet-unpublished novel of the same name by First time writer, Eli Conway. A strange choice indeed in itself, but according to what has been reported Hollywood Reporter Doubt not only about the quality of the book but even about the existence of its author!

The American newspaper reported that it was not possible to contact her or find information about her, to the point of suggesting that it might be an alias. Or even that it does not exist. Argyle Could it then be just an editorial issue and a marketing move? What is certain is that it will hit theaters before on the streaming platform: Apple has confirmed that it will hit theaters worldwide On February 2, 2024.

Although I don’t know anything, Argyle It also attracts attention because of the cast it created: In addition to the former Superman’s performance the The Witchers Henry Cavill, we’ll find out too Bryce Dallas HowardAnd Bryan CranstonAnd Samuel L. JacksonOscar winner Ariana DeBoseAnd Catherine O’HaraAnd Sam RockwellAnd John Cena And the singer Dua Lipa.

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We remember that Apple is also working on the new movie Ridley Scott championship Joaquin Phoenix as NapoleonSome photos of which were posted a few days ago.

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