Home Top News From 2023/24 Lake Louise will be replaced by Mont Tremblant (with two giants)

From 2023/24 Lake Louise will be replaced by Mont Tremblant (with two giants)

From 2023/24 Lake Louise will be replaced by Mont Tremblant (with two giants)

From next season and with a three-year contract, the city of Quebec, “home” of Valerie Grenier, will host the stage of the Women’s World Cup on Canadian snow. Lake Louise? He still believes in men’s speed races, but the competition is widespread.

Wednesday 19 October, 09:25

A few months ago, news broke that Lake Louise would be dropped from the Women’s World Cup calendar for the foreseeable future, with the Classic Speed ​​Triptych hosting its final races in early December.

Last Italian night, the joint announcement of Alpine Canada and the Mont Tremblant district, an agreement to host the maximum pink circuit for the next three seasons: from 2023/24 we will go to the Quebec region. , with two women’s giants, on December 2-3, in the same slot used to date for Lake Louise, added a series of technical races to three consecutive weekends of Levy’s double slalom throughout the first part of the season, two technical races at Killington and, indeed, two between the wide gates at Mont Tremblant. Challenges.

Next spring, with the Nor-Am Cup men’s races, a lot of work will be done at the Canadian station to formalize the entry for the World Cup, but the investments will be very important and convince the FIS. It is very determined to expand its base outside of Europe (with Eliash at the helm), especially exploiting in North America, if we think that already this year there will be overseas travel for men. Speaking of the men’s field, Lake Louise is still in contention to deliver momentum from the 2023/24 season, but other places are in contention (see Panorama) and will only be decided in the coming months.

“We are grateful to FIS for this opportunity and are delighted to have a world-class partner resort to invest in our collective vision,” said Therese Bryson, President and CEO of Alpine Canada. Technology sectors, we are excited to host the World Cup for all our fans in Canada. Mont Tremblant has all the ingredients for great success, with the area offering a committed community of volunteers and great ski enthusiasts.

“I had the opportunity to see the great commitment of the Mont Tremblant team and the full cooperation with Alpine Canada,” said Peter Gerdol, Chief Race Director of the Women’s World Cup, adding that certain requirements must be met before the races can be confirmed. Men’s Nor-Am Cup test event in March. I look forward to my next visit to assess the progress and preparations, but I am confident that the organizers have all the credentials to organize successful World Cup races next season.

In fact, let’s compete on friendly snow for Valérie Grenier, who grew up skiing at Mont Tremblant. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to host CdM matches at the home of my club, in front of family, friends and all the fans in the land. It is truly a dream come true. “


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