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Migros Asiago loses to Gisenis in a friendly match (2-0)

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The first exit of Migros Asiago who stopped in Jesenice with a score of 2-0 for the hosts, who already appeared in a better position.
The star-studded team presented themselves on Tuesday, September 30 in Slovenia after the first week of training with the announcement of the absences of Mascherin, Moncada and Saracino, and they were joined by Borko, who was unable to participate in the match due to the routine. Between the two publications, coach Paraso decided to leave with the new signature Fazio, who leaves the goalkeeper to his colleague Valini in the middle of the match.
The hosts advanced in numerical superiority after three minutes with Latvia Polluxwho from a central location can send the disc behind Fazio.
Asiago grows a lot during the second half and builds many scoring opportunities, which are especially highlighted Marchetti And the Until now. The 92nd striker is closest to scoring, but he failed to win with a practically empty goal after a superb display from Gasola.
The match remains solid 1-0 until the end, so coach Barrasso decides to remove the goalkeeper but the move does not lead to the desired result: Svetina He managed to escape by disc and deposited in the cage unguarded.

Migross Asiago resumed preparation in view of the following commitments: Sunday 4 September Lions will face Innsbruck away from homeWhile Tuesday 6 September in Igna will be held there Italian Super Cup against the Unterland Cavaliers.

The lineup ASIAGO played against JESENICE
First Attack: Salinitri – McShane – Finoro
Second Appearance: Marchetti – Missli – Fancos
Appendix III: Zamberi – Stefan – Magnapusko
Appendix IV: Manganelli – Rigoni F. – Longhini

First Defence: Gasoline – Cassetti
2 def.: Rutkowski – Vallati
Third Countryman: Strong – Jayus
4 defeats: Parini – Rigoni F.

Goalkeepers: Fazio from 1 to 30, Falini from 30 to 60.

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