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Hockey, the derby goes to Edelfox Grosseto (6 to 5), Galileo Follonica is eliminated from the Italian Cup – Grosseto Sport

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Edelfox Grosseto Galileo Follonica 6-5
EDILFOX GROSSETO: Menichetti, Sasetti; Jabal, Nasevich, Saavedra, Rodriguez, De Oro, Bagi, Franchi, Capella. Herd Michelle Achille.
Galileo Follonica: Paruzzi, two singers; Cancela, Davide Panini, Federico Pagnini, Marco Panini, Francesco Panini, Capedo, Bonarelli, Monteagle. Coach Sergio Silva.
the reviewer: Ulderico Barbarisi from Salerno and Franco Ferrari from Viareggio.
networks: In the segment 11’49 Davide Banini, 16’49 Francesco Banini, 18’31 Saavedra, 21’50 De Oro; In St. 3’16 Davide Banini, 7’38 Davide Banini, 8’56 Rodriguez, 9’34 Cancela, 18’20 Mount, 22’45 Saavedra
Note: Temporary dismissal (2′): Francesco Panini, Rodriguez, Našević

the Edilfox Skater Club He won the derby with Galileo Follonica (6-5) and fly to the Final Four in the Coppa Italia, at the end of an exciting match, in a “sold out” facility, decided by captain Pablo Saavedra with a winning deflection in the second overtime. The children of Achilles found themselves with three children times two goals less, 0-2 in the first half, 2-4 and 3-5 in the second, but they found the strength to even the score in regulation time and put the arrow in the second overtime with a winning touch by Saavedra, man of the match, along with Mount.

In the first half, having suffered a strong departure from the ski club, which failed with a previous free kick, Follonica, with two surgical conclusions, took full advantage of the only local concessions. Edilfox, led by their supporters, caught up to Galileo within three minutes and went into the second half with a 2-2 draw.

In the second half, a double from David Panini in the fourth minute allowed the Gulf team to extend. Saavedra and his cohorts make amends but are kept away from Cancela. A strike that would have wiped out any formation, but not Grosseto, who reacted, taking the Cousins ​​to extra time and treating themselves to a night to remember.

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The first chances of the match were all from Grosseto, with Di Oro denied the delight of netting by the uncanny Barosi. after 5’27 for a foul by Francesco Panini (expulsion). On De Oro, Grosseto takes advantage of a free kick, but Barozzi is late with it Try Captain Saavedra leggings.

In the 7th minute, Edilfox put the ball into the net with a long shot from Oro, but the Ferrari referee recognized an irregular touch to Saavedra’s body. Circolo Pattinatori insists and scares off the blue defense with De Oro and Franchi.

Follonica appears with a shot by Francesco Panini that is saved by Menichetti. Galileo takes the lead in the 12th minute: Davide Panini takes advantage of a disengagement error by Rodriguez to take the ball and put it in the seventh on the local goal. Idelfox immediately charged into Follonico’s midfield and it took a miracle from Barozzi to avoid Rodriguez’s equaliser.

With 9’17 remaining before the half-time siren, Grosseto has another great chance to equalise, from a penalty awarded for a foul on Mount. Baruzzi rejects Di Oro’s attempt “Tonchi”. On the other hand, the possibility of double Francesco Panini with a quick counterattack did not fail. In the 19th minute, a magical assist from De Oro launched Saavedra in front of Barozzi and the captain did not miss the chance to make it 1-2. At 3’10 an Edilfox-worthy draw comes at the end of a delicious combination between Mount and De Oro, which leaves no way out for Barozzi. With 73 seconds left, Cancela sees a direct shot saved by Menecetti, conceded by a Rodriguez foul.

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The first emotion of the second half comes from Rodriguez, whose shot was saved by Barosi. In the fourth minute, Follonica turned his head back: an invention by Cancela that drew Davide Panini into the area, who found the passage to beat Menecetti. On the wings of enthusiasm, the Azzurri came close to scoring the fourth goal with Federico Pagnini. In the seventh minute Grosseto missed a direct shot for the third time of the evening, a penalty awarded by Francesco Panini for a foul on Rodriguez. Thirty seconds later, however, Davide Panini rounds Menichetti and beats him on the first free kick awarded for the team’s tenth foul. Cp no match and thanks to Rodriguez, it was delivered neatly by Alex Mount.

A fine shot from Cancela, who slid in at the halfway point, allows Galileo to get back into the double lead. In the 14th minute, David Panini’s free kick hit the crossbar.

In the last 10 minutes Edelfox increased the pressure, but Volonich’s defense did not give in to anything. With 6’41 remaining, Alex Mount hit an accurate free kick to make it 4-5 and with 2’15 remaining, captain Saavedra blasted Mario Barry in for the equaliser. In the second minute of the second overtime, Saavedra deflected a long-range shot from Di Oro and sent Grosseto into the Final Four on March 25–26, where he will face Lodi in the semi-finals, while Tresino and Bassano will face each other. in the other match.

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