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World Cup 2022, Brazil – Richarlison: “What am I going to do after football? I’m going to buy myself an island and go there with a lot of women”

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L’Argentina for the first time Tuesday against Saudi Arabiawhile Al Brazil It will touch Serbia as an ‘entry’ opponent on November 24. They are the two most anticipated national teams at the World Cup finals. One of the most talented players of the national team Green gold It is without a doubt Richardson. We are not on a level NeymarObviously, but the class of ’97 is clearly growing, also thanks to the coaches they’ve had. Before Ancelotti Then to Everton With you At Tottenham Hotspur. The growth that led him to be part of the list 26 by Tite in this World Cup, with Richarlison expected even after suffering a bad injury in the early part of the season. Interview by as suchHowever, the Brazilian striker left himself with a sentence that is not particularly popular in his homeland.

What am I going to do once you close your shoes? I’ll buy an island and move there with a lot of women, like Ronaldinho in that picture… [Richarlison ad AS]

Ref is soon said. A photo circulated on the Internet with Ronaldinho in the pool, surrounded by beautiful women. Richarlison, of course. it was a jokeBut in Brazil this exit from the national team striker was not taken well. There is great tension because brazil is looking for The sixth star And 20 years without winning a World Cup is too much in those areas. That’s why fans and the general public want to see players focus more on these jokes that are considered out of place. That said, we’re sure Richarlison will respond with action this World Cup.

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