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Hockey – sport

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A2 two-speed hockey series. If Group A is completed with the Seregno Supplement (the other nine are Breganze, Thiene, Montecchio, Scandiano, Correggio, R. Bassano, Trissino 05, Modena and Novara), with the calendar ready, B is currently formed with its own 8 teams (Castiglione, Sarzana, Forte). Di Marmi, Giovinazzo, R. Matera, Grosseto, Follonica and Camaiore). Pumas and Sepp Viareggio, who would have been caught, surrendered, while the Salerno Roller could have been accepted. HP Matera and Prato are not registered.

A new tournament format which sees the playoffs eliminated (winners in both groups will reach A1) and the season opens with the Coppa Italia (September-November) as in B. If the tournament (January-May) will be split into two Italian-style groups, the cup will see Division of teams into groups (of 5, 4 or 3 formations) followed by the quarter-finals and semi-finals with direct elimination with home and away matches. The semi-final winners will play for the cup at the end of March when all the cups (A1, A2, B and women’s) are awarded in one place. 35 teams are currently registered in the second division, which is a fairly consistent number for some years, even if the second lineups of companies in the major leagues must be taken into account. As for our region, there are four participants: the second team from the CGC, the third from Forte dei Marmi, Rotellistica Camaiore and Pumas Viareggio, which replaces the SPV, intends this year to focus only on the youth sector.


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