September 27, 2023

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Four passports, three national teams, the future between the under-19s and the market: Italy, here is Koleosho | nationals

Four passports, three national teams, the future between the under-19s and the market: Italy, here is Koleosho |  nationals
Reteguis and Zapellis make the most news And fill the pages of newspapers even these days as our national team slowly grapples from the problems left by the tournament. But the blue news is made up of many small stories of players who call our federation – thanks to the important work done by its monitoring network – He began to pursue and chase across Europe and the world To enrich the basin in terms of choices of young people. Anyone who meets the first requirements of Germany’s Italians Clarity (Werder Bremen’s jewel and under-19 lead), Onofriti Texeira (Borussia Dortmund, selected for the last two Under-18 tournaments) e Mazzone (Wolfsburg striker) Another Argentine and South American already in coach Mancini’s notebook, today he has the chance to start a journey with our picks and thus become a candidate for an appearance in the A team. A recent example comes from under 19s Fresh from qualifying for the European Championships in Malta next July: Born in 2004, striker Luca Warrick is Daiovi Koliosho (figc photograph. It).

4 passports – A world-shaking story for Espanyol and one of La Liga’s greatest talents. Already 4 first team appearances at the end of last season (He beat Valencia’s “comrade” Musa’s record among American players in Spain) and an ongoing record, but above all an incredible journey that first took him from Connecticut and the United States to Canada and Europe. An opportunity to emulate the Italian market and become a wide range of possibilities in the national team to play adult football – why not. Yes, why? Today Goliosho is the new face of coach Alberto Pollini’s under-19 team – He is one of the extras to miss out on qualification for the decisive match against Belgium – but who knows about the future. Son of a Nigerian father and holds an American passport, Canadian mother but of Italian descent. It is in the US that the boy begins his journey in the national youth teams with the under-15s and then the under-20s. Canadian Soccer Federation. Who picked him up for the Under-20s and shortlisted him for the World Cup in Qatar? At the discretion of coach Herdmann, he was selected in June 2022 for one friendly match and two Concacaf Champions League commitments and two Test matches against Uruguay and Qatar before the World Cup. Without accumulating any minutes on the pitch.

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Is the market human? – It is in this context that the FIGC and under-19 coach Pollini enter, pressing him and after training before the elite qualification phase, integrating him into the record-setting team in hosts Belgium and Germany. Slovenia. Italy believes it and has an increasingly leading role in his mind. Very quick winger and very good at creating numerical superiorityA candidate in Malta (not even two superpowers like France and England) and a day market. His first professional contract expires in 2024 And the chance to prove himself at the European Championships could be another sliding door for the man with four passports.