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Alpine Hockey League, Sterzing hosts leader Jesenice – FISG

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First home game for the Broncos in 2022 who featured in the new structure of the Weihenstephan Arena in the only game of the AHL scheduled for January 4.

After Monday’s match between HDD leader Slovenia’s SIJ Acroni Jesenice in Val di Fassa was postponed due to medical precautions, the Red Steelers are looking for confirmation at Alta Val d’Isarco but the match could hold some surprises.

The leaders have the best private team in the Alps
Jesenice – in both PP (31.2%) and PK (87.0%) – remains the dominant team in the Alps Hockey League. The Balkans are having another good moment out of shape with seven straight wins. The first duel of the season was won against a South Tyrolean team in a 4:1 ratio, thanks to a strong private team of Slovenes with two goals in powerplay and two goals in a short game.

Sterzing will be able to count on four lines thanks to Cianfrone’s return from injury and the arrival of Lucas Chiodo

The Broncos face a difficult task, even if they have an equal record (3:3) against their opponents on the ice on their own land. Head coach Dustin Whitecoton is hoping for a further improvement in his team after their 4:3 overtime win over Linz with a decisive goal by Tommy Gschneizer. Lucas Chiodo (former Vasa) made his debut with a goal, while Bryson Cianfroni (1A) returned after a three-week injury. With four complete attack streaks and a day off yesterday, the Broncos are able to showcase their qualities. With duo Cianfrone-Chiodo, coach Dustin Whitecotton finally earned a second ace as well as Gander-Kofler-Salo’s nominal first streak. If his boys can maintain both discipline and aggressiveness in the defensive work of all five off-field players, it is not entirely inconceivable that there will be few points on hand. Historically, Jesenice has had some trouble, since September, managing meetings with the least expensive squads on paper. In addition to defeats against Merano and Zell am See, the VEU, Red Bulls, EC Bregenzerwald and Kitzbühel have also managed to nibble some points against the Slovenian barge that appears to be heading anyway towards a regular season conquest.

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Guests should check for injured Swedish goalkeeper Oskar Frobberg, who is, according to statistics, the best goalkeeper of the tournament, but has not played since December 2 after suffering a knee injury at the Branives stadium in Selva di Val Gardena and who replaced him. Slovenian Ziga Kojovice. It will also be Juri Sotlar’s return to Vipitino, with whom he played in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons.

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Alpine Hockey League | 04.01.2022 | Evaluation:
Martedì, 04.01.2022, ore 20:00: Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice

Referees: LEGA, VIRTA, Basso, De Zordo. |

Absolute head-to-head clashes in the Alps: Wipptal – Jesenice 3:10

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