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Older brother Phoebe, Gianmaria Antinolfi admits: ‘I have no regrets’

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Manila Nazzaro paid tribute to Gianmaria Antinolfi for his trip to big brother Phoebe.

Janmaria Antinolfi He is the most unfortunate Latin fan of the sixth edition of big brother vip, but this does not seem to reduce it. After receiving two of spades from Sophie Codejoni, only when flirtingEx tronista of men and women was about to take off, Jianmaria End relationships. This is what I admit Manila Nazarote.

Older brother Vib, Gianmaria Antinolfi says enough is enough

Janmaria Antinolfi He made a complicated trip home big brother vip, face to face with Ex Sulli rises, then leave a file Greta’s girlfriend And it ends in the arms Sophie Codejoni, who threw it unofficially Alessandro Bacciano. The entrance to the house Federica CalmIt could be a new starting point for Jianmaria, the deeply rooted and unfortunate Latin lover of The sixth version of the reality show Canale5.

talking with Manila Nazzaro, who defended Sully from Mirjana Trevisan, the entrepreneur admitted: I warn that there may be interest. I behaved here, as I would have acted abroad. You made a mess that I would have killed, but I managed to manage it.”. “Despite a thousand well-behaved knockouts, they have served you too. This time the others have put the burden on her, you were good but not so lucky. You are stubborn, you should have stopped but you are right to continue,” Reply Manilahappy with trail Jianmaria.

“I can say that today I kept it until I gave it all up, and then I stop because I no longer feel remorse. Instead in the past I didn’t stop even after giving one hundred percent”he finished Antinulfi A hint of the desire to focus on himself.

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