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Hockey: Lorenzoni Bra in action for indoor season –

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After the first part of the tournament on the grass, it was girls Lorenzoni Prague They immediately get caught up in the inner activity that sees them participating in an ambitious programme: honoring last season’s title that was played at the Alanya Cup in Turkey next February.

For the national championship, the athletes of President Kaloniko will have to face the most experienced teams in the indoor specialty of the Northwest Group. Only one player from each group will qualify for the title final, which will be held at the beginning of February.

Already on the spot, the black turquoise goalkeeper, Alina Fadeeva, as soon as the outdoor competitions closed, is competing to Minsk with the Ukrainian national team in which she is participating to prepare the European Section A to be held in January for Hamburg and then the World Championships from 2 to 6 February in Liege.

International player of great potential Alina is entering her second season in Brazil, having played for four years with Amikora from Cagliari, contributing to the successes of the Sardinian team. She arrived in Bra with Andrei Koscelenko with whom she shares her life and passion for sports.

Andrei is the HCBra thrower and every Sunday they play, on their front, the Match Athlete title: Alina is now at 3 points out of six days and their competition is a pretty familiar one too.

In Minsk in the week just ended, he defended the Ukrainian goal against the national team of Kazakhstan, HC Minsk, Smolevichy, HCT Tekstilshchik, HC Ritm of Grodno, the best player in Belarusian hockey clinched the final cup.

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The goalkeeper and international athlete who in Brazil is divided between hockey and field hockey is taught to Lorenzoni’s new recruits.

It’s a great honor to have her in Brazil, but also some “problems” due to some companionship that coach Perino and the club will have to manage in some way.


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