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Renon, Mirano and Asiago win the match against Vasa – OA Sport

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An evening full of Alpine Hockey League matches 2021-2022 Which is getting into the heart of the season more and more. Ten teams took to the ice this Thursday, five of which were Italian. Renon continues his good moment and dismisses Lustenau, Cortina is overwhelmed with goals in Salzburg, Mirano swells to Kitzbühel, while the derby between Asiago and Vasa goes to Venice who also climb to the top of the overall standings, even if with two. Play over Jesenice.

Tonight’s matches

Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Cortina Havero 10-3: Truly a clear defeat for the Ambizu people who were demolished at Izarina in Salzburg. The match the hosts immediately put on the slopes to close the first half 2-0 with goals from Auer and Purdeller, then goleada continues until 6-0 in the middle of the second half, with Lipiansky and Assavolyuk and two more times with Purdeller. Lacedelli and Vinucci scored for Cortina, while Auer and Lehnavic raised the score to 9-2 again. Cortina scores again with Elvira 3-9 in 49:37. There is still time for Eham 10-3 at 57:36 which will determine the final score.

EC The Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel-HC Meran / o Pircher 3-7: At Sportpark in Kitzbühel, the hosts jumped 2-0 with Kettinger and Maurer, then Ansoldi scored 1-2 at 8:17. The Austrians sign again with Freidenfelds after 11:12, then Merano changes gear and scores 4 goals in a row with Borgatello and Stolyarov and twice with Didiomete against 5-3 in 42:16. The South Tyrol team does not stop and runs again with Stolyanov 6-3 again in 54:51 and finally with Gelon 7-3 final in 57:50.

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Ritner Boam EHC Lustenau 7-3: Everything is easy for Renon who crushed Austria with goals from Fink, Costner (3), Lutz and Sharp while Lustenau scored with Haberl Haberl D, on the other hand, cutting to 2-6 in 46:07. Renon is inseparable and scores again with Frei for 7-2 at 50:33. Lustenau again sees Haberl L. scores 3-7 at 52:27

Asiago Hockey – Vasa Falcons 5-2: The Hodegart derby sees the Hawks open the score with a Forte goal with a pass from Tedesco after 16:59. The second break starts with the hosts’ equalizer with Tesari at 22:52 with a pass from Zamberi. Asiago continued to lead at 27:57 with a goal from Parini and a pass from Salinitri. The match returns with a 2-2 draw with Petronero at 40:33. The match is full of energy and Asiago returns again with a 3-2 Marchetti goal with the help of Mantenuto in 49:13, who scored in the first person at 50.56 for 4-2. The match has now taken the Asiago route which is 5-2 again with Tesari at 54:54.

Linz-EK steel wings Zeller polar bears 1-2

Alps Hockey League standings 2021-2022

Credit: Max Bates

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