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Increases the number of Bitcoin ATMs in service, overtaking Australia, Poland and El Salvador

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Australia has reached a new high in the number of active cryptographic ATMs in the past four months, ranking fourth in the list of 10 countries with the most cryptographic ATMs in the world.

According to the ratings, the top three countries on the list are USA, Canada and Spain, with 33,950, 2,649 and 273 aircraft in service respectively. As can be easily seen from the data, the difference in equipment between the US and Canada and between Canada and the following eight countries is huge.

Australia now ranks fourth with 0.6% of the world’s total crypto ATMs; This position was previously occupied by El Salvador, although Poland has now overtaken it, dropping it to sixth place.

The small Central American country has 212 active crypto ATMs, most of which are split between the capital city of San Salvador and the cities of Santa Tecla, while the rest are more or less evenly distributed throughout the country.

In September 2021, El Salvador decided to make Bitcoin legal tender in its territory, which was strongly criticized by all crypto-skeptics and opponents both abroad and in the country. Also, in the same year, El Salvador decided to install about 200 cryptographic ATMs, promoting the acceptance of bitcoins, which at the time ranked third in the world after the United States and Canada.

However, within a year of launch, they were reports Bitcoin ATM booths in the country were accordingly “empty”. Nevertheless, El Salvador has been able to enjoy Bitcoin legal tender and thanks to the controversial decision to install cryptographic ATMs on its territory. Significant increase in tourism.

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As of 2021, Spain, Australia and Poland have moved up the rankings to third, fourth and fifth place respectively; Australia overtakes Poland by just 3 cryptographic ATMs.

List of top 10 countries in the world by number of ATM locations. Source:

Among the various countries ranked, Australia has recorded the most significant growth in the shortest period; Of the 225 devices installed across the country, more than half were installed within six months.

As of October 2022, Australia has installed 35 crypto ATMs, followed by 31 in November and 33 in December. In the first days of this year alone, 49 cryptographic ATMs have been installed.

As can be seen from the graph below, each of the last four months not only marked the record for the highest number of devices installed in the country’s history, but they were also four consecutive months. In this short period, 148 cryptographic ATMs have been installed, 64 less than the total number of machines installed in El Salvador.


Of the 38,611 crypto ATMs installed worldwide, 94.4% are in North America, with 86.9% in the US and 6.6% in Canada. On the other hand, Europe has 3.9% of all cryptographic ATMs in the world, followed by Asia at 0.8%, Oceania at 0.6%, South America at 0.3% and, finally, Africa at 0.1%.

Specifically for Europe, Spain with 0.6% machines, Spain, Romania and Switzerland each with 0.4%.

In South America, Colombia and Brazil are ranked with 0.1% each, while on the African continent, South Africa ranks first with 19 machines, less than 0.1%, followed by the United Arab Emirates with 3 machines. and by 2 machines of Nigeria.

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However, overall, as of January 1, 2023, the Coinatmradar website reports that there are less than 92 cryptographic ATMs in the world, but the adoption of this type of ATM seems to be increasing, especially since the beginning of 2021.


The following Coinatmradar map shows the world’s top 10 operators, which manage 26,177 cryptographic ATMs equal to 67.8%, while another 589 operators manage the remaining 32.2%, corresponding to 12,434 cryptographic ATMs.



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