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ITS Turismo of Asiago students and volunteers, the heart of the Hockey World Cup organizing machine

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else international sporting event To our plateau that brought value and a good number of foreign tourists which has been organized to perfection by Organizing Committee subordinate FIFA U-18 World Cup Men I Div. Group B just played at Pala Hodegart in Asiago.

to support regulatory body The inevitable ‘team’ parents fromHC Asiago Junior together group of students fromTourism ITS From the Asiago branch that missions Hospitality From teams and management Telecommunications Through social media.

Combining school and sports by making children the protagonists of important events in the region is one of the goals that support the project“Announce Organizing Committee Talking about ITS youthTheir cooperation was invaluable and their contribution made the media image of the event so lively“.

Ice Hockey World Asiago Under 18 Volunteers

The group of volunteersagain according to the organizing committee, “me’tight-knit team Without which this event would not have been possible: they are working people behind the scenes, with lights out and out of the ice. Their work began long before the World Championships, with the sole aim of get ready In the first post.
Every volunteer knows that his role is Decisivewhich is part of the mechanism you need to the responsibility And everyone share. In the last game’s last siren, when Hodegart’s lights go out, they each realize he’s given An indispensable contribution For this event that will stay in History of great hockey in Asiago.
The first steps of the platform to thank our volunteers“.

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