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Italy vs Portugal 1-0, Raimundo’s goal makes Azurini smile – or A Sport

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The football tournament for the 2022 edition of the Mediterranean Games kicked off today in Oran (Algeria). The nineteenth edition of the review sees Bel Paese’s Choice as one of the most successful books for getting the best out of it.

It’s up to training Under 18, led by Daniele Franceschini, the task of representing the tricolor in the best possible way. It is the team that boasts the most victories in the tournament, citing the gold medals of 1959, 1963, 1967 and 1997. In 2018 in Tarragona, the Azzurri turned to silver, beating Spain 3-2 in the final class.

Franceschini’s players appeared in Group B with Portugal, Greece and Algeria, for the first time tonight at Ahmed Zabana Stadium against the Lusitania team.. A very painful match for the young Italian players but won 1-0.

In the first part, the balanced challenge that was preferred was the best formulation of Portugal, but Italy responded with some initiatives which, however, the last step was always missing. At the beginning of the second half, at the 50th minute, a key ring: the penalty kick for Lusitanian team and the goalkeeper was very good David Mastrantonio To hypnotize the opposing football player.

The whirlwind of changes for technicians and even unexpectedly, the national team found a feature target: Antonio Raimondo received the ball down the left flank and fired a left-footed shot that did not absolve the Portuguese goalkeeper of responsibility.. The Lusitanians attacked with their head down and Mastrantonio produced two more supernatural interventions that allowed the Azorini to win.

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