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Hockey, Blanchetti Calling Fans: ‘This Amatori Deserves Your Support’

Hockey, Blanchetti invites audiences:
  • Friday 25 February 2022

To complete Dream Week, there is now a derby to win. After the insane win on Wednesday in Bassano, Saturday night, Amatori Monza hosts in “Balacastelotti” in the recovery of the final round of the A1 Serie A, a race to win to confirm second place and discover the opponent in the quarter-finals. Italian Cup. On the eve of the derby, President Gianni Blanchetti calls out to Lodi fans: “This team on the track is doing extraordinary things in a style that pays homage to the three colors we wear on the jersey. He deserves that his family come back to support him as they know how to do, and that we will return tomorrow in the derby with Monza in the stands to breathe the atmosphere we were used to before Covid.” Instead, coach Pierluigi Brisciani said in the match: “We want to finish this very intense cycle in the best possible way, even if it is difficult with Monza. It’s an organized team that plays well and has put all the great players in a bind. We have come from two very expensive races, but we are doing well and we will have to give everything we have to get the three points back.”

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