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Bye Luigi Posolino, bring the name Novi to space

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Participated in the design of the first Italian communications satellite. An asteroid was named after him in 1996

January 01, 2023 19:57

to Elio Defrani

NOVI LIGURE – In the seventies it was among the pioneersAstronauts In Italy, a member of the team that designed Siriusthe first Satellites For communications in our country: the engineer is from Novi Louis Posolino He passed away yesterday at the age of 75. He was taken to San Giacomo Hospital in serious condition.

born in New Ligure In 1947 he graduated in engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin in 1973 with a thesis on aeronautical satellites for which he won the Alitalia Prize. He was soon appointed to the company Air Italy (became later Alenya), he started his career in aviation. First with the “thermal control” design of the Italian communications satellite Sirio, then in increasingly important projects to deal with entire space systems and explore near-Earth planets such as Mars and Venus, and study potential missions.

In 2003 for his activity he was nominated Astronautics academic And in 2009 he was awarded the title Knight of Merit of the Republic by President Giorgio Napolitano. Previously, in 1994, he had been awarded golden tower from the study centre in getting started From Novi Ligure.

An asteroid in the “main belt”, between Mars and Jupiter, bears his nameIt’s 14947-Luigibussolino. The astronomers who discovered it in 1996 decided to give it that name “because of the fundamental role it played in the development of the IMPACT (International Monitoring Program on Asteroids and Comets that Could Pose Threat) and STONE (Near-Earth Object Spectra Satellite) systems.”

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In recent years, he’s also dealt with feeding astronauts in space, combining his passion for the universe with his other passion for good food (he was the Alessandria County Delegate forItalian Academy of CuisineRecognized by the government as a national cultural institution). He also served on the steering committee for Tortona Savings Bank Corporation.

His collection of stamps from around the world dedicated to astronomy and astronautics is huge. He was also the founder and national vice president of thelined upthe Italian Association of astral. Finally, he did not miss his collaboration in the “Space for Knowledge” exhibition organized by the institute Ciampini Bocardo Novi Ligure and dedicated to the study of astronautics, astronomy and astrophysics.

the funerals They will take place on Tuesday January 3 at 10:30 in the Church of Sant’Antonio in Novi Ligure; The rosary is said tomorrow, Monday 2, at 19.00.

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