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What to watch this weekend on Prime Video between news and expired headlines

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Old year’s weekend and The new yearAnd on Prime Video, as always, you’ll be spoiled for choice: so scroll through our streaming tips for this weekend, including New releases And the contents that will be Deleted.

between adsFilms, Wash Me in the River, Three Men and a Ghost, Wildcat and The Croods 2: A New Age and Season Fifteen TV series supernatural. Among the titles in final dateInstead, we chose Movie Italian It’s for your own good. The choice is yours and Happy New Year!

Wash Me in the River (Film Exclusive) – Release Date December 28th

Shelby John and Ruby Reed are madly in love, but their story is marked by substance abuse. They decide to clean up and start a family, but the drug trafficking networks are too tight and Ruby falls into temptation, pressured by their trusted drug dealer. The dose is lethal to her. Devastated and driven by an indomitable desire for revenge, Shelby John is determined to exterminate those responsible for his partner’s death and finally break the city’s drug trafficking chain. Co-starring Jack Huston, Robert De Niro, John Malkovich, Willa Fitzgerald, and Quavo. The film is directed by Randall Emmett.

Three Men and a Ghost (film exclusive) – Release date December 30th

Mimmo (Domenico Manfredi) is 50 years old with an obsession with game shows. When, resorting to very unorthodox ways, he manages to win an “all-inclusive” weekend in a luxurious 18th-century villa, he convinces his unsuspecting lifelong friends, Lillo (Raphael Ferrante) and Francesco (Francesco de Fría), to accompany him. However, what none of the three can imagine is that the villa is not at all the glitzy resort they expected, but a dark vessel of tension and unexplained events stirred up by the evil ghost of a young girl (Artemisia Levita) in search of revenge and bent on tormenting the three unlucky friends, And make their vacation a real nightmare!

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Wildcat (original movie) – Release date December 30th

feral cat Follows the exciting and inspiring story of a young veteran on his journey to the Amazon. Once there, he meets a young woman who runs a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center, and his life finds new meaning when he is assigned the life of an orphaned cub. What was supposed to be an escape from life turns out to be an unexpected journey of love, discovery, and healing. Directed by Melissa Lish and Trevor Peck-Frost.

Supernatural (TV series, season 15) – Release date January 1st

With the fifteenth and final series of supernatural The epic journey of the Winchester brothers comes to an end. Sam, Dean, and Castiel battle the forces of darkness in a relentless quest to save the world. But at the end of Season 14, they encounter God Himself who, after their refusal to kill his surrogate son Jack, decides to put an end to that reality once and for all.

The Croods 2: A New Era (2021 movie) – Release date January 1

The first prehistoric family is ready for another revolutionary adventure! The Croods have survived deadly claws, natural disasters, and even acne, but now they’ll face their toughest challenge yet: another family! Searching for a new home, the Croods discover a walled paradise created by the sophisticated Bitterman family (emphasis on “better”).

It’s For Your Sake (2020 film) – Delivery January 1st

Three families enter a crisis when their daughters become engaged. The three fathers fear that their daughters have all chosen the wrong boyfriends. Desperate and sure that they are acting in the best interest of their daughters, they unite to get rid of the three suitors as quickly as possible. By doing so, they risk ruining their marriages by testing their wives’ patience. With Marco GelliniAnd the Isabella FerrariAnd the Matilda Giuli.

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