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Denmark parade third place to Canada

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Italy was relegated to Division 1, with Denmark and Canada battling for third place in Group A. The Scandinavians won it 3-2.

It is not new that Denmark has become a solid reality; Thanks to the continued growth of its men, in Helsinki they allowed the luxury of beating Canada for the first time in their history. Making a difference is the first 20 ‘, in which Marcus Laritchen and Peter Regin double the advantage at the same time. Max Kamdois reduced the distance to 22.33, although a charge in the head forced him to leave the game with a 25 ‘penalty. Another foul in the third half, this time by Thomas Sabot, 1-3 to Matthias Pav. The Canadians did not give up and Ryan Graves reopened the game at 59.06. Coach Claude Julian, unable to center the tie, uses it to insert extra movement.
Canada 2-3 Denmark (0-2; 1-0; 1-1)
(0-1) 09.11 Marcus Laritsen (Matthias Asperb – Morton Paulsen); (0-2) 14.54 Peter Regin (Frederick Storm) SH; (1-2) 22.33 Max Comtois (Adam Lori); (1-3) 52.11 Matthias Pav (Nichols Ehlers – Frederick Storm) PP; (2-3) 56.09 Ryan Graves (Damon Severson – Pierre-Luke Dubois)
Classification: Switzerland points 18 (6 races); Germany points 15 (6); Denmark points 12 (6); Canada points 12 (6); Slovakia points 9 (6); France points 5 (6); Kazakhstan points 3 (7); Italy points 1 (7)

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