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Futsal, to defeat 360 JJ Monastir against Ciampino Anian

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bad evening to 360 days Monastirwho comes out defeated 5-2 from away Cole Ciampino anene. The Sardinian team remains in fourth place in the playing area with three days left before the end of the regular season Italian futsal league for new energy.

first half

A positive start for the guests, in the eighth minute Moura shot outside the net. A minute later, the Portuguese was able to score again, through a personal measure by Quintaeros, but he sent the ball wide. In the 10th minute, Champino Anyen appeared in the counterattack, the ball to Liberty and Moura is Providence. A diagonal right foot from Portuga ends up wide of Thiem’s ​​goal. The game opens three minutes after the end of the first half, and it is played from the left side for a period of time Portugal who runs away from the goal and scores 1-0 with his right foot. 360 GG Monastir reacted instantly, hitting a double upright in the same move with a left footed shot from Danny Chino and a rebound off Danny Martin. The Sardinians were very unfortunate, paying more than twenty seconds before the break when the referee ruled Thiem had been disallowed by Joao Sala as a penalty and a direct dismissal. Cara enters and saves a penalty kick from Portugues, but he doubles the same with six seconds left Francesco Liberty.

the other half

Ciampino Aniene spreads out at the start of the second half, in the second minute Cianchi is blocked by Casassa and Díaz offers the counterattack Portugal For the winning click, in exchange 3 for release Joao Sala making it 4-0. Here also 360 GG Monastir not giving up, finding the winning serve Inaki Munoz to default. Danny Martin’s deficit could drop further in the seventh minute, but he only gets there a bit after fine choral work. With Quintaeros goalkeeper (who also made a good save in the final), Ciampino Anyen takes the post with Diaz from a goal, while Danny Martin He finally finds 4-2 at the end of a quick counterattack with a pass from Inaki. Then closes the accounts in the 15th minute with a header Lucius Thorpe Postpone Casasa.

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CIAMPINO ANIENE: Casasa, Thorpe, Liberty, Diaz, Portuga, Montana, Joao Sala, Fulco, Ferretti, Serpa, De Phillips, Mazaglia. herds of abanes

360GG Monastir: Tim, Muñoz, Moura, Quintaeros, CianchiArezzo, Itzy, Mattana, Moroni, Danny Chino, Danny Martin, Kara. everyone

Scorers: 17’02” Point Portuga (CA), 19’54” Liberty (CA), 1’40” Saint Portuga (CA), 2’56” Joao Sala (CA), 3’53” Muñoz (360), 12″ 05″ Danny Martin (360), 14’28” Thorpe (CA)

Top: Quintaeros (360), Diaz (CA), DePhillips (CA)

eviction: 19’41” by pt Timm (360)

NB: At 19’42” PT Cara (360) saves a penalty in Portoga (CA)

the reviewer: Giulio Columbine (Bassano del Grappa), Davide Plotino (Reggio Emilia) Timmer: Luca Di Battista (Avisano)

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