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Here’s the smartphone that exceeds the limit

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According to data from the German Federal Office of Radiation, the latest generation of devices exceeds permissible values ​​\u200b\u200bfor radiation

The news was reported by AndroidCentral which is a BanklessTimes report regarding smartphones exceeding the above criteria.

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The Latest generation phones It must be designed according to specific regulations related to SAR قيم valuesor those related to emitted by radiation. Although this matter has been a topic of discussion for a very long time, it has been found smart phone Android Expected standards are not respected.

In this regard only recently AndroidCentral Published a report by BanklessTimes Associated with mobile phones that somehow exceed the preset parameters. there FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Established as a threshold 1.6 W/kgbut a very recent particular model is a little higher.

Radiation from the phone: which model exceeds the permissible limit

This is the Motorola Edge Released in 2020 That’s according to data taken from German Federal Office of Radiation, Highlight one The SAR measures 1.79 W/kg. However, the above statements must be in context.

The reference scale is the scale that is taken into account in United State. at Europe The situation is completely different since Motorola In question does not encroach on any value. In fact, in the ancient continent you can go even further 2 W/kg. Moreover, according to other sources, the demonized cell phone has lower radioactivity values.

A factor that will change the situation, and not just a little, before it becomes unbalanced, however, everything must be checked with certain numbers. So it’s a good idea not to be so quick to judge since then There is no consistent scientific evidence for any health problems caused by exposure to radiofrequency energy emitted by cell phone.

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In general, your guard should always stay awake, given that Phones are a source of radiation regardless of their values. A sip of their use will also help in this sense, as well as on a psychological level, since people are now increasingly drawn to these devices, rather than what is happening in real life. A little bit of insight to always keep in mind.

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