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Spider-Man 4, will he become a Ned Hobgoblin? The actor is feeding with a picture!

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For readers of the original comics from Spider ManThere have been many clues circulating in No Way Home that raise the question of a possible transformation of Ned, a longtime friend of Peter Parker, into the terrible Hobgoblin. But before that, it was all about speculation. Now actor Jacob Batalon shares a photo that sends a thousand uproar.

It’s been more than a while since we’ve known about it Two Spider-Man paparazzi And more than that, in fact, Sam Raimi was a Re-open the loopholes in Spider-Man 4. But the possibility of this project not coincide with the new possibilities A trilogy with Tom Holland in the MCU, High. Here instead, as it was widely discussed the day after the release No going back home And from the buildings that have been created, updates are becoming more and more sporadic. At least until today, with Jacob Batalon – Translator Ned Leeds In the Spider-Man MCU trilogy – which has fueled speculation about its possible transformation in the near future.

In fact, the actor was photographed in the instagram story which you can find at the bottom of the article, while approaching the action figure through ogre, the creepy comedy alternative to the classic Spider-Man villain. just in Caricature In fact, Ned Leeds “turns” into a Hobgoblin: or rather, he is originally hypnotized so that he believes he is the real villain. Only his death and years of investigation will lead Peter Parker to discover that the friend was not a hobgoblin before. Now, the crumbs left by No Way Home are different from It could lead to such a hack.

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First of all, a clear indication, Discussion that Ned had with Tobey Maguire’s Peter ParkerDuring which he tells him about his best friend Harry Osborne and how many times he tried to kill him. At that point, Ned went to Holland and promised that it would never happen to him. The second is Ned’s acquired skill with stranger ring, which he learned to use pretty quickly over the course of the movie. And the third, of course, is the fact that in the final You don’t remember anything about your friendship with Peter, which could make him more vulnerable without the protection of a close friend. Do you want to turn it already at the beginning of the new trilogy? Tell us in the comments!

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