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Good news for exhibitors

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The government’s strict evasion fight continues into 2022, in line with previous executives who have followed each other. Electronic payments is one of the areas covered by the PNRR, i.e. there are goals that must be achieved absolutely. Let’s make it clear together!

to achieve PNRR . Objectives, especially with regard to tax evasion, the government is always making new provisions especially regarding payment in traceable ways. the new Legislative Decree PNRR-2 It offers a strict counter to evasion to prevent the practice of so-called pre-calculation.

Let’s investigate the problem together, trying to understand what will change for the Italian models.

Traceable Payments: New Provisions for Point of Sale

Point of Sale - In - Store - Ready to Go - Min

The main novelty relates to Payments are made through points of sale, which is still at the heart of the anti-government evasion project. Modernity is a halt Restrictions on sending daily payment data through points of sale. The goal is to put an end to the pre-calculation mechanism, which does not allow the payment to be recorded as an electronic receipt or invoice.

The payment data will be sent by the brokers who have the task of issuing Cards and ATMs. This way it will be possible to have greater control over payments to avoid fraud and tax evasion.

Electronic payments: also tightened for money laundering


The government will pay close attention not only toTax evasionbut also in terms of legislation Anti money laundering. In view of the ever-increasing prevalence of this phenomenon, the Council of Ministers chose an important curb on this matter. It is clear that intrusions should not go beyond the limitations imposed by privacy legislation inherent in the sensitive data of buyers.

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Another aspect that has been approved with PNRR-2 has to do with double penalty Merchants who do not allow POS payments to be made will be charged. Entry into force has in fact been brought forward to June 30, 2022, instead of January 1, 2023.

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