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Here she is only 20 years old, and today at 70 she is still the most beautiful on TV: did you recognize her?

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The beautiful girl first appeared on the cover in 1972 and has been one of the most popular actresses in Italian cinema ever since.

It is impossible not to recognize him, because Delilah De Lazaro, The protagonist of our cover She has appeared in more than 30 films, including Overseas, enchanting everyone with her beauty. De Lazaro is not only an actress, but also a former model and designer, who is an icon of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Born in Udine in 1953, life was not easy for her at all. In fact, he is only 16 years old She is indeed Christian’s mother, She was born on April 5, 1962. It would be the birth of her son to propel her into the world of entertainment, with the goal of his preservation and independence. She started modeling, then became a fashion designer and finally comes up with acting.

The beginnings of Delilah de Lazaro

Delilah De Lazaro is an actress The most beautiful Italian cinema. He debuted on the big screen in 1972 with the Italian Western film “Can do … amigo” by Maurizio Lucidi. From that moment on, other parts reached his great successesThe monster on the table…Baron Frankenstein, By Paul Morrissey, after the producers desperately wanted it Andy Warhol and Carlo Ponte.

Alberto Latuda He shot her as a lead actress in the movie, Oh, Serafina! From 1976 and also thanks to her beauty, Di Lazaro She is often portrayed as the killer girl of many films and TV series.

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Painful moments

Unfortunately in the life of an actress There were very difficult times. there child death Which came suddenly in 1991 due to a car accident, was a deep pain. then suffered violenceAs she herself said: “The first time I was raped by a relative was when I was only six years old. The second was at the age of 17, at the end of a fashion show. I was targeted by a man who kidnapped me for four days, I went through all kinds of suffering. But I am a lioness, I surpass all something. Three in forty, betrayed by someone I considered a friend. He was a billionaire: if I raised him to sue him he would have crushed me – He added -. I was able to find within me the strength to overcome these traumas and above all to forgive.”

Delilah de Lazaro He has an Instagram account with more than 70,000 followers. Here some time ago he posted the shot on the cover. “The beautiful eighties are full of hope.. Now the heart will stop if it thinks.” It’s the caption accompanying the photo that looks pretty in it. Today the actress is 70 years old and has always been a beautiful woman.

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