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Working in a co-working space: 4 things to know before choosing one

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For a worker, using a co-working space can become really useful and comfortable, which is nothing more than a co-working environment with other professionals, or a new lifestyle especially for those who are self-employed or as a startup. In this article we will talk about useful things to know for those who want to start using these environments for work.

Things to know before choosing a co-working environment

First, it is necessary to understand its dimensions and our needs. Surely the first thing to ask is if you need plenty of space and silence, for video meetings, or something smaller and quieter. some cities like Milan They fill co-working spaces, and therefore, the offer to choose from is wider than ever. Obviously, a lot depends on what tasks your job requires and what the goals and reasons for choosing a co-working space are. If we are talking about a start-up company with dozens of workers, then an area of ​​u200bu200babout 100 square meters may be enough, which will allow co-workers to have a less formal place that can offer the possibility of cooperation and the establishment of new working relationships.

Then it should be understood what are the different services provided by the environment. Generally, when you rent or lease space within a shared business, this should also include some business equipment, such as a printer, scanner and of course a Wi-Fi connection. At least basic services must be present. Then, some of these shared environments also make it possible, by paying an additional amount, to have lunch and shopping services provided by the self-employed.

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Another key aspect is knowing if it is a safe environment. Having confidential documents and data with you, it would be a good idea to check that there is a good monitoring system inside the workspace and that it is equipped with personal lockers where you can store everything that is important. There is also talk of security from an IT privacy standpoint; In fact, sometimes, public Wi-Fi networks that can be accessed by anyone are used in these places. Networks of this type are easily attacked by attackers, and therefore they can violate the privacy of connected users. In these cases, even with regard to smartphones, it is always a good idea to have a VPN installed on your device. It is actually possible to evaluate one Lots of VPNs on iPhone and review them on the web, each with the most appropriate features for broadcasting or data protection.

Finally, you can check if the office has any entertainment spaces for your children or pets. In fact, not everyone knows that some co-working spaces have space to entertain their kids who can’t stay home on their own. This also happens for pets that are cared for and maintained by professional people during business hours.

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