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Xbox isn’t taking gaming away from competitors –

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During an interview with Xbox On, Phil Spencer Talk again about exclusivity starfielda sore point for PlayStation gamers, explaining that the game was never promised for other platforms, and emphasizing that Xbox is not taking games away from competitors.

Specifically, what Phil Spencer has said is that the exclusivity of the titles will be determined on a case-by-case basis. He never returned That Starfield wasn’t an Xbox exclusive, however, is in the console arena (the game will also be coming to PC, of ​​course).

Also, states that Xbox doesn’t take gaming away from the competition. For example, it reiterates that TES Online and Fallout 76, even after the Bethesda acquisition, have been updated for all platforms. The same thing has been happening with Minecraft for quite some time. In general, if a game is already available on a platform other than Xbox, the company will not stop supporting these versions.

Likewise, Phil Spencer wants it Call of Duty is everywhere Like Minecraft, without skins, missions, or other Xbox exclusive content. Therefore, the line suggested by Phil Spencer is always the same: bring games to as many people as possible.

clearly There should be exclusives, explains Spencer, since they’re part of the console market: Nintendo and PlayStation have their own exclusives after all. However, Spencer says that “there are no examples at Bethesda of games taken from the PlayStation community”. In the long term, Spencer believes, people will play across multiple platforms, which means everyone will still have access to all games, exclusive or not.

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Spencer also said that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not necessary to continue the Xbox business

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