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Nobody expected this video

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GF Vip 6: From the reality show to the red light movies, no one expected this video. Fans are literally amazed, the details.

Gf Vip –

Channel 5’s most popular and popular reality show, The Big Brother VIP always gives plenty to talk to social network users. The entertainment program, in fact, consistently succeeds Surprise viewers.

Indeed, in these hours, ardent fans of GF Vip were left speechless after watching a video Take on a lovable member in this evolution-packed sixth edition. what is he talking about? Let’s find out together!

GF VIP 6: Nobody expected the video

Every appointment with Alfonso Signorini and his team is truly awaited by the fans of Canale 5. In fact, Little time separates them from the highly anticipated finalthat can be said Vipponi got people excited Viewers episode after episode.

in these hours, Totally discussing a video no one expected. In fact, the audience never expected to see one Clips directly from the world of adult films. What happens specifically? All the details about her.

GF Vip 6
Big Brother VIP –

Big Brother: From Reality Show to Red Light Cinema

It’s exactly these hours a The video that left you stunned Both the competitors inside the Cinecittà House and all the people who eagerly follow the reality show Mediaset.

What exactly happened? The celebrity version of the game is very popular with young and old Illuminated with red lights for a surprise adult cinema. But what does that mean?

Lucrezia and Jessica Selassie
Lulu and Jessica Selassie –

From what we’ve learned, in these hours, Mediaset’s main network audience is in turmoil because of a A clip that will mix the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini and the world of pornography. What do you mean?

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Go step by step: through the loop semi-finalsaired on Thursday March 10, 2022director of “Che” He wanted to send a surprise on the home screens to Princess Lulu Selassie.

GF Vip 6 Lulu & Jessica
Lulu and Jessica Selassie –

After quotes from International rapper Cardi B And theItalian artist Gué PequeñoSweet Lucrezia received a Gift for the king of adult cinema: Rocco Siffredi. These are his words:

lulu, You are the woman who matters most to me at hometruer , truer , most beautiful , As I like it and as I am.

but that is not all!

In fact, Siffredi ended his speech by addressing Manuel Portuzzo, a friend of the second candidate for the final, to reassure him. then do a My best wishes to Mizan Selassie:

“Manuel, I’m just a fan of Lulu and wish you all the best. above all, I hope you win luluYou deserve it, you are amazing.”.

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