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Hearts of Winter – Movie (2020)

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Winter hearts plot

Winter heartsThe film is directed by Alan Harmon, and takes place under the snow in a small town in Colorado.
Bethany Cain (Jill Wagner) is a successful designer and TV presenter. His presentation: New Life Home Makeover Contest for the New Year, about giving new life and a new look to a home that will be chosen from among several candidates. The renovation will be followed and published by Beautiful Homes, a well-known furniture and design magazine.
The chosen house is a house Grant Oliver (Victor Webster), recently widowed. The man lives with his teenage daughter Zoe (Lauren Macnamara), whose father entered the competition without his knowledge. Since his wife's death, Grant has let himself go, and the house he shares with his daughter has also suffered.
The man is chosen as the perfect candidate and sees Bethany bursting into his life, which will end up waking up and giving life to everything that has been dormant for a very long time. Including Grant's heart…

Curious about winter hearts

main actors, Jill Wagner And Victor Webster They have already worked together as a couple in the emotional comedy A wedding in the countryside For the year 2017.

The film was filmed in Canada.

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