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“Yes, Putin to negotiations in Jerusalem”

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Twenty-five kilometers? No, no, I’m fifteen. soon here in Kyiv We will see something that history has not seen before.” At seven in the evening, the Russian army bombed the outskirts of the capital Ukraine, especially in the northwest: an oil depot and a frozen food store were burnt. The goal is clear: go ahead and leave Kyiv without food, without heating, without electricity, and to breed on a much larger scale than we saw in Mariupol where a humanitarian catastrophe is taking place. “It wouldn’t be that simple for Russians – Michel continues, however, a forty-year-old Calabrian man who has been working for a few years in Kyiv and has decided to stay with his Ukrainian comrade to defend the city – I expect a military confrontation of great proportions, as the Ukrainians do not give up, we wish we would not fight street by street ».


At about the same time, the Ukrainian security services announced that they had intercepted the phone calls of the invaders: “In Kharkiv they ordered Russian soldiers to shoot civilians also, including children.” In Kherson, according to a local correspondent, “Russian security forces are searching and arresting Ukrainian activists, journalists and former soldiers.” The big fear is that a scenario of this kind could be repeated in the capital. “But here they are ready to fend for themselves,” Michelle swears. Shortly thereafter, the Ukrainians shot down a Russian drone that was flying over Kyiv. According to the Ukrainian authorities, yesterday the Russians killed seven civilians: “They shot at a convoy that was evacuating them.” Yesterday the United Nations released the death toll: 579 civilians killed since the beginning of the invasion, including 42 children (Zelensky spoke yesterday of 79 children killed in the war), 1,002 (54 children) wounded.

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The words of Michel, in the heart of a city where anti-aircraft sirens sound, but where supermarkets and pharmacies still have goods on the shelves, remember those words that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said a short time ago: “The Russians can take Kyiv only by razing it to the ground ». Putin’s army advanced less quickly than expected. It’s been more than two weeks since the invasion began on February 24, but the capital has not been occupied. The other main target, the port of Odessa, the most important in Ukraine, has not been captured. The death toll of the invading soldiers is high Extremely, and exceeds expectations: according to the Ukrainians, there are at least 12,000 dead (“the largest losses in decades,” Zelensky notes.) And yesterday – as the Ukrainians say – another fighter of the terrible Wagner private militia was captured. Of course they are biased but the use of Syrian mercenaries and conscripts confirm Russian difficulties. This does not mean that Putin intends to stop: the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has been captured. Mariupol, to the east, is half-destroyed and the Russians are advancing on the outskirts (even if unconfirmed news spread last night, perhaps it was Al-Hassa t falter: Volnovaka, a city on the highway towards Donetsk, captured by Ukrainian troops). In the southern part of the country, along the Black Sea coast, the Mykolaiv offensive is developing, as yesterday hospitals and schools were bombed. This city is an essential transit point for Russians who aim not only to get to Odessa, but to occupy the whole region without interruption that stretches from the east to Transnistria, the pseudo-state and unrecognized in the Moldavian sector, where there are already armed forces loyal to Putin.

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Moscow returned yesterday to threaten the West and anyone trying to help Ukraine in its defense against the invading army. Deputy Defense Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that “sending convoys carrying weapons to Ukraine would be a legitimate goal. The reckless transfer of anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems will lead to dire consequences ». It is the nerve center of the resistance to the Russian invasion. Ukraine is asking Europe and NATO to guarantee a no-fly zone, a no-fly zone that would block Russian fighters. Western leaders said no, because that would mean dangerously expanding the scope of the conflict. However, support is confirmed by sending aid. Biden plans to send the latest weapons, and the White House authorized $200 million after Congress approved a $13.6 billion emergency aid package for Ukraine. However, Moscow is threatening a military response that could have unpredictable consequences.

Syria and Shenia

If tension escalates, and if diplomatic negotiations do not achieve substantive progress, the suffering and pain faced by Ukrainian citizens are increasing day by day. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba denounced: “Russia in my country uses the same tactics that it applied in Syria,” that is, it bombs mercilessly even in places where there are civilians, as is seen by the way, also in Chechnya. “In Kherson, the Russians want to organize a farce,” he added. He denied that Mariupol was under the control of the forces sent by Putin, but in the city where the hospital was bombed, the situation is tragic, due to the lack of food, water and electricity. Yesterday, the missiles also arrived near the mosque, which was home to 30 Turkish citizens. The head of the Suleiman Mosque Association, Ismail Haji Oglu, confirmed in statements to Turkish TV; “The Russians are bombing a neighborhood two kilometers away, and a missile landed 700 meters from the mosque,” he added.

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Continuing west, still on the Sea of ​​Azov, less than 200 km later, in Malitopol, the Russians first kidnapped the mayor Ivan Fedorov (two days ago), and then, in the face of the protests of the population, also carried out an organized kidnapping. 2000 had taken to the streets in front of the regional building run by the armed occupation forces. The Russians arrested Olga Gaisumova, a local activist, after dozens of men got off a convoy of cars and fired smoke grenades. Zelensky feared that the Russians would torture Fedorov to force him to make a video confirming support for the invaders. Macron and Schulze were asked to mediate with Putin for liberation. So far, the bombings and missile launches involve different cities, in different regions of Ukraine, after ground action failed – or, rather, faced with a less effective attack than expected. In the Kirovograd region (central Ukraine) missiles were fired against the Kanatovo military airport. Explosions in Dnipro and Krupivnitsky in the center of the country. “Our air defense systems repelled a Russian attack at dawn,” said the mayor of Dnipro, Boris Filatov.

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