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Space to develop Pirelli tires in the fourth round of SBK Italpress News Agency

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – A space for tire development in Round 4 of the WorldSBK, of which Pirelli is the main sponsor, which takes place over the weekend at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. For the back of the first category, there will actually be two SCX development solutions in an ultra-soft compound that will join the SCX, SC0 and SCQ group, the final undisputed champions in the top three seasonal events. The soft-set SC1 and the SC1 A0674 forward development are confirmed. The new rear SCXA (Spec B0452) and SCXB (Spec B0453) differ from the standard SCX in terms of compound and carcass. In fact, they both have the same common compound, different from that of the range, but each has its own structure. WorldSSP class exclusive solutions set: SC1 and SC2 at the front and SCX ee SC0 at the rear. Designed in 1969, the Misano circuit was completely redesigned in 2015 using a specific bitumen composition to counteract the effects of salt and moisture caused by the track’s proximity to the sea. The somewhat abrasive asphalt, the potential for period-typical temperatures and right-hand turns that impose high mechanical and thermal stress on tires on the engaged shoulder, are the most important tire challenges. “So far this season we have not introduced development solutions for the rear, we will do so at Misano – in the words of Giorgio Barbier, Pirelli Motorsports Director – the goal is to further improve the performance of the SCX: that is why we have developed two solutions with different characteristics compared to those of the range. Both use The two solutions have the same compound, which however differs from the range solution, and presents two different options in terms of structure.So it will be interesting to understand how they behave on a medium hard path, which can be more so in the case of particularly high temperatures. In short, an excellent test bench.”
– Pirelli Photojournalism Office –

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