December 10, 2023

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Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

Police have arrested another person in connection with the murder of Russian propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky. Daria Trepova’s husband, who was arrested for the bombing of a St. Petersburg cafe: “I think my wife was framed. I’m sure she wouldn’t have been able to do something like this on her own.”

The war in Ukraine, what you need to know

file War tracks

Live news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Fighting continues in Bakhmut

Fighting continues in and around Bakhmut and Kiev mocks Russian claims of capturing the Ukrainian city: “The Russians have hoisted the flag of victory over some kind of toilet.”

Macron visits Beijing tomorrow

Emmanuel Macron is expected to arrive in China tomorrow, convinced that Beijing remains “indispensable” in the face of the many challenges facing the world, starting with the war in Ukraine and that the Chinese position can be “stepped aside”. Given its proximity to Russia, “China is the only country in the world capable of having an immediate and radical impact on a conflict, in one form or another.”

Russian drones hit the port of Odessa

And official sources in Kiev reported the news: “The Ukrainian port of Odessa was hit by some Russian drones.” The attack caused damage, but no further details were provided

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