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Canada eases past USA, England eases South Africa – OA Sport

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The group stage of the 2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup has concluded and the final match between England and South Africa. The historic match was dominated by the English for 80 minutes and allowed England to close Pool C in first place, even though “surprisingly” the English were not among the top two teams in this first round. First, however, was Canada’s victory over the United States.

Canada got off to a flying start, saw two quality goals in the first 15′ minutes of the game with Emily Tutosi (6′) and Alex Tessier (15′). The Americans suffer the blow, but react and in the 19′ they hit the goal with Alev Gelder for the Canadian 12-7. Before the break, Canada struggled to be dangerous again, but was released in the 37th minute with a goal by Paige Faris. 19-7 You go to rest.

The match was almost closed at game time, Olivia DeMerchant jumps to +17 and gives the Canadiens a bonus when she finds the gap to win. The United States sense a nervous response, but Kate Zachary’s 71 isn’t enough to restart the match and time runs out. Mikayla Nelson also scored for the final 29-14.

The match report between England and South Africa will be ready soon, with Rosie Galligan about to score the British first after 6 minutes. At 23, Poppy Cleal goes even further, and after six minutes he allows himself an encore culligan. Bonus goal with Shannock Brown reaching 32′, while Connie Powell also scored before the break. You go to the break with 29-0.

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The music doesn’t change in the second half, instead, other British locations arrive Connie Powell’s encore on 41′, Marley Packer’s 51′, Rosie Galligan’s three two minutes later, then Poppy Clell’s encore on 59′, Sadia Gabea (62′) and Abby Dow (64′), a third try for Connie Powell in the 68th minute and Galligan’s fourth in the 75th minute Setting the final score at 75-0.

England’s win officially defines the eight queens going into the playoffs, which includes Italy for the first time in history. Thus, New Zealand, Canada and England have qualified and won their respective groups; France, Italy and Australia were runners-up in the team divisions; And, finally, America and Wales make up the top third.

This means the Pairs quarter-final. New Zealand face Wales, the top team in today’s tournament, third worst among the qualifiers, in a challenge already seen in the group stage. Remake for the quarter finale between Canada and the United States, with the Canadians surprisingly (but not overwhelmingly, given that the British are in France’s group) beating England as one of the two best debutants. Will be later England-Australia Finally, it will be the twist France-ItalyThat’s the second best of two.

Photo: World Rugby via Getty Images

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