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Elimobile Elite, unlimited gigabytes for the whole of 2022. Eagle Pictures . movies arrive

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Can not say that adventure elimobile Among the virtual Italians. The operator introduced himself to the public last month With three packages featuring a low cost / favorable price ratiowhich is set to skyrocket starting Monday, June 20, when New promotional offer for Elite PackageIndeed, the most complete ever.

Instead of 150 GB of data traffic until the end of August expected to be released, starting next Monday, who will choose Elite Mobile will be entitled to Browse the Internet without traffic restrictions throughout 2022 Always the same amount, this includes €9.99 per month, unlimited calls and 100 texts per month. Then, from January 2023, the amount of data will go back to the classic 120GB per month.

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May 11

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June 16

At the same time New package for the first time, cheaper in the price list whose name was Entry: 30 GB of data traffic and unlimited calls a 4.99 € per month, while the ‘Medium’ device, Easy, will go for the same price (6.99€/month) from a base of 50GB (100GB up to 31/8) to 60GB of data traffic, with a month’s free trial. We remind you that Elimobile uses WindTre’s 4G network infrastructure.

Presentation in a nutshell

  • #Entry

    • Unlimited minutes
    • 30 GB
    • 4.99 € / month
  • #easy
    • Unlimited minutes
    • 100 text messages
    • 1 month free trial
    • 60 GB instead of 50 GB (but up to 8/31 is 100 GB)
    • 6.99 € / month
  • #elite
    • Unlimited minutes
    • 100 text messages
    • Unlimited GB for the whole of 2022 (then 120 GB as of January 1, 2023)
    • 9.99€/month
  • # Elite 12
    • Unlimited minutes
    • 100 text messages per month
    • 120 GB per month
    • 95.99€/year

Deal with Eagle Pictures: 4 Movies Already Available

During the first month of activity, Elimobile managed to sign one Partnership with Eagle PicturesDistribution and production house of famous Italian films. The first titles to be released are already available this week: Tail – signs of the heart By Sian Heder (Granted as Best Film at the Oscars 2022), Licorice pizza Written by Paul Thomas Anderson cyrano by Joe Wright E Gucci House by Ridley Scott.

These and subsequent films will be available live for Elimobile customers at Elysium platformwhich has already hosted, since its launch, exclusive contents such as the Black Maccio series by Maccio Capatonda.

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