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He was fired two days later

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Among the 11,000 employees who walked out of the company on November 9, Himanshu V. He told his story on LinkedIn, as many former employees do.

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Himanshu v. A meta engineer of Indian origin. The company transfers him, he flies from India to Canada, and two days later he gets a notice that he is fired. Publish a post on LinkedIn: “Now I am looking for a job in Canada or India but I don’t know what will happen to me“, garnering over 22,000 reactions and 1,000 comments.

Among the 11,000 employees sent overnight from Meta was Himanshu V. On November 9, the company announced that it would cut its workforce by 13%. Eight months ago, Meta decided to open a new engineering center in Toronto 2,500 jobs. This is why Himanshu Vs. He went to Canada. came later Mass layoffs.

Himanshu is not the only case

“I went to Canada to join #Meta and 2 days after joining, my trip ended as I was Suffered from massive layoffs“, Himanshu wrote in the post, “My heart goes out to everyone who is facing a difficult situation right now.”

Vishwajeet Jha, a former Amazon software engineer, wrote in a November 11 LinkedIn post that he was at Meta for three days before he was fired. “So sad that this happened,” Jha wrote Procedure for obtaining work visa In Canada it was “longer”.

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Further Neelima Aggarwal He underwent the same treatment. A software engineer, he moved to Canada from India in November and said he was fired two days after joining the company. In a LinkedIn post on November 9, Agarwal wrote that he was heartbroken about being fired just days after moving to Canada. Aggarwal’s position was successful 6,400 reactions and over 480 comments.

Meta leases

“I see the layoffs as a last resort, so we have decided to control other expenses before letting the team go,” he said. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg In a post. The founder admitted that his optimism towards potential growth led to overstaffing at Meta. The problem is that they have hired too many people in a very short period of time, at very high salaries. Rapid growth was expected for several years, as in the first stage of the epidemic, but this is not so. Someone came Depression It lasts two years and tech companies are forced to downsize teams.

Now ex-Meta employees from all over the world are publishing “Badge of rank“, which is accompanied by a photo of their ID tag with a note reflecting the time spent at the company. Previously, on “post badges” some employees criticized the company, congratulated colleagues, or recalled happy moments and professional successes. Layoffs, employees, as Himanshu V did, to find a job , use posts to present their application or report a difficult situation.

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