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Nadal, still with stomach issues: Fails in Canada too

Nadal, still with stomach issues: Fails in Canada too

After a surprising start to the season, Rafa Nadal Forced upon another Get it back. The 36-year-old Majorcan claimed his second victory Australian Open Circuit Career and 14th Roland Garros profession. There is no one better than him on French clay in history, but now me Physical problem They blocked him again. Next Rafael Nadal withdrew Montreal Open An abdominal injury stopped him Wimbledon.

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Achievement and retirement at Wimbledon

It all started with a match Tennis The oldest and most valuable of the circuit. Rafa Nadal In the quarter-finals at Wimbledon Grass, he was a ‘heroic feat. Despite an injury Abdominal muscles He managed to defeat the American Taylor Fritz after playing for more than 4 hours, despite his father from the stands advising him to retire several times. However, the pain was too much in the following days and the champion had to give up his dream of winning Wimbledon. semi-final with Nick Kyrgios. “I can’t play with this pain,” he announced on English soil, promising to get back to work immediately to prepare for overseas matches.

Flat rate in Canada

On his profile Instagram He informed his followers that he was back on the field with a few shots and the heartwarming caption “Back to work!”, Back to work. Unfortunately, however, the Spaniard is still not on the mend. The pain in his abdomen is still there, and thus, Rafa Nadal The decision was made to skip the Montreal Open in order to qualify prestigious players US Open, a Grand Slam he certainly didn’t want to lose. Nadal made his announcement on the official website of the Canadian tournament Flat rate: «I trained for a while without serving, I started serving four days ago. So far so good. But yesterday, after my regular workout, I felt a slight discomfort in my stomach, and it’s still there today. After talking to my doctor, we want to take things conservatively before we start racing. I would like to thank the tournament director Eugene Lapierre and his entire team for understanding and supporting me and this decision. I am very sad that I cannot be in Montreal. It’s a tournament I’ve won five times and I love to play. I seriously hope to be able to play again in front of an amazing audience ».


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