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the Internet is very slow? The solution is easier than you think, just do this

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Slow internet, how to fix –

Over the years, the internet connection in Italy has become increasingly efficient, just think that only 10 years ago the maximum speed was 100Gbps, now it is over 1000Gbps.

Working from home, attending meetings, downloading large files or playing games, watching movies, and streaming gaming sessions online, these are all actions that have a common need: a high-speed internet connection.

Although now computers and mobile devices are already produced with all the credentials for Navigation in the best conditionsIt may happen that you notice a decrease in the performance of your computer, and fortunately in most cases this can be the problem solved Very easily by following a few steps.

First of all, it is important to understand if the system, whether it is connected via Wi-Fi or via an ethernet cable, is already being blocked at a lower speed than it could be. To do this, press the keys together windows and R. Then enter in the fieldncpa. cpl“.

In the opened window, you will then have to select your connection and check the number that appears next to “Speed“. If the value is low, such as 100.0 Mbpsmeans that there is a set ban or limit that can be easily removed, in order to get a fast internet connection that matches the offer activated by the provider.

How to increase browsing speed

To get maximum performance out of your computer, it is important to understand if the problem lies where network card installed or failed to update, or in cable, which may not be suitable for sending and receiving data. To check that the network card is recent enough, press the key combination Windows and X then go toDevice management“.

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How to get fast internet – (Source: freepik)

In the list it will be necessary to find the “Network adapters” item and be sure to select the one that is already installed on the PC. By going to the “Advanced” tab, you can check thatGigabit auto disable“, while”duplex speedis set to Auto-Negotiation. At this point, you can proceed with updating or replacing the network card driver.

Finally, the last factor to be evaluated is the network cable, which must be of an appropriate category for network performance, such as cable CAT 5e or a Cat 6to connect a computer and a router or switch.

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