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“Elegant and extravagant, I dress like a toy” –

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The Rossoneri defender talks about his passion for fashion: “It belongs to my roots. In the morning it takes longer to get ready, and I have to get up early so as not to be late for Milanello”

Like influencers. Today’s footballers are not just athletes. They are very interested in fashion, dress carefully, leaving nothing to chance. Special T-shirts, hats, and jackets of bright colors. An important distinguishing feature is also for Pierre Kalolo
The 22-year-old defender of AC Milan, the Italian champion. “There is a similarity between my style on the pitch and the way I dress. Usually I always try to be very clean and neat, just now and then I try to play more extravagant, out of the box. Often eh, not so much or else Mr. Pioli gets angry,” Perino said in an interview with NSS Sports.

for Dressing well is also a way to remember childhood years
: “Fashion is the thing that has always interested me because it belongs to my origins – he added -. My parents are from Congo, where there is a great deal of interest in clothing. Since I was a child my mother said to me ‘Beware of this, beware of that’ and when you are young you don’t notice it yet, but when you get older it is something that stays with you and now it comes naturally to me. Because of this, it probably takes a little longer in the morning, so I have to get up early to get to Milanello on time.”

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The Milan defender continues: “The style for me must be original, because it is true that an expensive item can suit you, but at the moment I have other priorities. In general, I don’t focus much on brands, it’s more about whether or not I want to buy a particular item. I like to wear something classic, not skinny but more casual to feel comfortable“.

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