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From table to stage: science in everyday life

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This year also the traditional scientific publishing event returns Alessandro Volta High School, “1,2,3…science!”It is now in its sixth edition.

The high school, with its students and teachers, wants to welcome citizens to an open, stimulating and fun dialogue that will include not only other students from each school, but also families or curious people.

Concerts, conferences, workshops, games and theatre They will be opportunities for dissemination that will advance scientific knowledge as a tool for creating conscience and consciousness, including civic consciousness. It is therefore knowledge that trains tolerance and respect, through dialogue and discussion. All events will be held in the hall and at the Foundation’s headquarters Volta Secondary School They will be free to enter.

there The official opening night will be held on Friday, December 1 In the hall of the Volta High School in Colle di Val d’Elsa. The evening will begin at 7.30pm STEM Food Tasting Competitionwith a lot of Refreshmentsthen continue at 9.15 pm with A Concert – Dialogue between the’ArchiAmici Band (Violin, violin, cello, double bass, harp) e Fabio is beautifulProfessor at the University of Siena entitled Geometric transformations in music.

For middle school students, there are two orientation workshops that include scientific experiments and sports games (Friday 24 November From 3 pm to 5 pm Saturday 16 December From 9 to 11). here connection To register in Group math games.

These are definitely two unmissable events for middle school children who want to discover “unusual” mathematics, in a playful way, like that of high school mathematics, but also experience scientific experiments between sustainability, cells and test tubes.

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Important scientific publishing events are scheduled to be held between January and March, a series of conferences held by university professorsUniversity of Florence:

  • Thursday 18 January: From 11.20 am to 1.20 pm The dawn of geniuses and the search for life in spacewith Renato Fani.
  • Friday, February 2: From 11.20 am to 1.20 pm From neuron to social brainwith Francesco Pavoni.
  • Saturday 17 February: From 11.20 am to 1.20 pm Complexity and biological systemswith Duccio Fanelli.
  • Tuesday 26 March: From 11.20 am to 1.20 pm The recipe for science: Aryan physics and Jewish physicswith Ubaldo Bottigli.

In the final session of the festival, there will be conferences on display by and with Federico
, Before, after, nowA journey between space, time and reality ( (April 23 11.20 am), e Gambling
From the charlatan
Mathematics as a vaccine against gambling addiction (April 23 9.15 pm). sErata
The final of the festival
it will be Friday, May 17 9.15pm with the Penn Conference Show
Mathematics and literature Italo Calvino between impossible dialogues and cosmic comedyedited by Astronomy
to Massimo Salviantiwith accordion Emiliano Benasai And contribution
Marco Rustionia teacher at Volta Secondary School.

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