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Hard life for those who taste sweets for work

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Until August 31, people who live in North America, are over five years old and have candy and candy, can apply for a positionchief dessert officerFrom Candy Funhouse, one of the largest online candy stores in the world. Candy Funhouse, based in Canada, is looking for someone who, among other things, would like to sample dozens of candies per day and decide which of them will end up in the market.

The ad got a lot of attention on social media as well for the annual salary, which is C$100,000 (about €76,000): the “candy manager” job also includes a “comprehensive” dental care insurance plan.

The person selected by Candy Funhouse will be responsible for defining the company’s most important options, managing meetings related to the products to be marketed, and helping to develop the company’s strategy. However, his role will not only be administrative, but also have some practical and permissive effects.

The “Chief Sweets Officer” will be in charge of the so-called “Candy Intelligence Agency”, the department dedicated to tasting sweets and sweets, whose name is named after the well-known US intelligence agency. Among his duties are tasting more than 3,500 candy bars per month, averaging over a hundred per day, and then assigning their own “guarantee seal”, that is, choosing whether the candy is delicious, original or innovative enough to sell on site.

To use words from the same company, he must be the ideal person for the position.”Courageous, creative and a natural leaderShe will have to willingly taste new things, express her opinions honestly and also be willing to have fun. Since the company has a good presence on social networks, another requirement is to be comfortable in front of the cameras.

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Those selected will be able to work from home (or from Toronto, in the case of Canadian candidates, or from New Jersey, if the person selected will be American) and will follow a dedicated internship to know the “language of taste”, to learn how to distinguish the different flavors. It is not necessary to have any previous experience, but people with allergies are not allowed.

How note The Washington PostThe announcement appears to have caught the attention of local media and many users on social networks, including people who reported that their children, often girls and boys, had sent in their requests. The work that Candy Funhouse presents may seem curious and exciting, and the audience to which her ad is sure is quite large.

However, in companies that deal with the production of foodstuffs and foods, aftertaste is a fairly common number.

For example, Mars Incorporated, which produces snacks such as M&M’s, Twix, and Snickers, does similar tasks, with both taste and “sensory techA more qualified role that provides an in-depth examination of product quality, to ensure that the most well-known brands maintain the same flavor over time. Recently, Hershey, the largest chocolate company in the United States, sought someone to be part of the “Sensory Committee”, While in July they were also looking for tasters from Australian candy company Allen’s Lollies and Nestlé, also in Australia.

For decades, John Harrison has been theThe official connoisseur of Dreyer, a well-known American company that produces ice cream. Before retiring in 2010, Harrison tasted more than 60 flavors a day and used a gold spoon to avoid tasting metal or wood during testing. He could tell which ice cream had 12 percent fat from 11.5 percent ice cream, and it was so important to Dreyer that the company secured his taste for a million dollars. After each taste, Harrison spit out the ice cream he had just tried to avoid filling.

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