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Lecce: Baroni, physical test in Turin but you can’t go wrong – football

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(ANSA) – LECCE, Sep 04 – Follow Napoli’s positive performance on the pitch, with the goal of trying to change the standings once again. Lecce Marco Baroni, on stage tomorrow night in the postponement at the Turin stadium, looking for continuity of play and results. “We arrive at this race with a conviction that we have to put it behind us – the coach starts – and we have no time to think about the past. We will play against one of the most physical and aggressive formations in the tournament, which is why this is a particularly difficult test because they started where we have to show that we are They are equal in terms of interest and aggressiveness. They already have a job behind them with Juric, we have just embarked on a project and the path of identity. But Torino can do no wrong.”

Regarding any countermeasures adopted or replays carried out, the Giallorossi coach seems to have clear ideas: “Only what we do against opponents is important, on the field it is necessary to be coherent, dynamic and fierce – as Baroni stated – I do not think of the owners in my team, At the moment, especially with the calendar so close, I must necessarily be attentive to the physical and mental resources of all athletes, we have men who must grow a lot.

In this Lecce there are no players or reserves, I want players who are ready, both from the start and those who enter the game: I do not need men, but strong players who do it for as long as possible. ”

Among the recalled list of people, in addition to long-term residents Cetin, Dermaku and Voelkerling, Baroni will have to lay off Strefezza for about a month, due to a muscle problem. For those who suggest the possibility of using the newcomer Oudin, the coach is quite clear: “He has been training with us for three days, he came from a summer in which he did not do important preparatory work, but was immediately included among the players at the start: at the moment it is necessary Raise the physical condition. As for the arrivals in progress, we cannot make mini preparations, so we will work on the field and bring him into the match”, concludes the coach. (Dealing).

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