December 9, 2023

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The case of Frau Kerakosjan: pro-Putin boaster or Moscow lobbyist? The former candidate who came out of nowhere to embarrass the SPD, between selfies with politicians (including Schroeder) and closeness to the governor

The case of Frau Kerakosjan: pro-Putin boaster or Moscow lobbyist?  The former candidate who came out of nowhere to embarrass the SPD, between selfies with politicians (including Schroeder) and closeness to the governor

Jayan KerakosjanAnd the Jayan workAnd the Diana work, and sometimes I put the title of Doctor first, I’m a single person. Joined in 2014 in CDU coma Jayan work And in 2015 in the Presidency Frauenunion to Schwerin Basim Diana Werkthen passed at the beginning of 2017 to Spd how Jayan Kerakosjan. On his Facebook account, birthday wishes to the Russian Foreign Minister serge Lavrovdata Russian President Vladimir Putin, Congratulations to the Russian army, a mockery of appearing a monk Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko. To reconstruct the history of Kirakosjan-Werk was an investigation by soGerman public television in northern Germany, the first influence is that the political activist – who previously collected pictures with the Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder Then try repeatedly to contact the previous advisor Angela Merkel Withdrawing his candidacy to enter the House of Representatives Mecklenburg – Pomeraniadeleted his social media profiles and announced Withdrawing from politics about Health reasons. However, it will still be registered with the SPD.

A story that recalls from afar, in appropriate proportions and in different contexts, the story of Anna Sorokin, a story that has recently become known to the general public thanks to a television series. But in this case, the echo multiplied in Putin’s weeks of war, and in parallel the tug of war on gas, of which the chancellor (Social Democrat) was among the heroes. Olaf Schulz. It’s not really clear if Jian Diana’s case is only one garrulousor real lobby subordinate Kremlin. Millionaire Karl Heinz Richard von Sayn-Wittgenstein announced to himself so To meet her in Mallorca eight years ago as “Dr. Diana Werk” and meet her again in 2019 in Berlin. He will be offered the position of “Diplomacy ofArmeniaThe Russia Or another country in Eastern Europe.” The entrepreneur rejected the offer, calling it “crazy.” Author of the investigation Frank Bryuner However, it was reported that the millionaire mentioned in his diary “Dr. Diana Werk, Russian Embassy.” At the radio’s request, the Embassy of the Russian Federation denied that Kerakosjan had ever worked there, but avoided disclosing whether it knew of her.

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Kerakosjan’s rise in the SPD was rapid, reaching a spot on the Landtag electoral roll in 2021, 27th out of 40, ahead of the most experienced candidates. This is a sign of consideration on the part of the ruler Manuela Schwesig who have allowed Kerakosjan to appear alongside her on various occasions, including cutting a cake in front of photographers with the current Federal Undersecretary for Integration Reem Al-Abali – Radovan. The Spd of the Land office denies having a close relationship and downplays Frau Kirakosjan. The Social Democrats in Schwerin, the state capital of Mecklenburg-Pomerania, also rule out that the former candidate could now have had classified information from the governor of Schweizig on the issue. Karen Stearnsthe Christian Democratic Union deputy who died about a year ago, and who was accused of doing so A bribe from Azerbaijan Three years before the war withArmenia. In the so Kerakosjan who sympathized with Armenian nationalismhe said he was aware of the conflict before the story was published in Germany, which indicates possible access to foreign intelligence sources.

After a journalistic investigation, many social democratic voices collected by German radio stations have distanced themselves gynosin Kerakosjan (Comrade Kerakosjan): Some don’t even know if she has a college degree. In the so The interested party only mentioned that it was following a Of course the law to Russian University on distance. CDU Earth Party Leader Sebastian Ahlers He insists on asking for clarification, because – it’s his thesis – the SPD must have known from statements on social media that Kerakosjan was a lobbyist for Russia And the Belarus.

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The opposition also wants one Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry To check whether the enterprise”Klima-und Umweltschutz MVCreated at the beginning of 2021 by the county of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, funded by Gazpromamong other things to help circumvention of US sanctions and finish Nord Stream 2 . pipelineHide the SPD’s direct contacts with Russia. The Social Democrats talk about Exploit, stressing that the Christian Democratic Union itself had supported the land initiative. After the invasion of Ukraine, Landtag has now decided to dissolve the foundation and check the legal basis for donating the 20 million raised to Nord Stream 2 as humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Manuela Schwesig She has always vigorously defended herself against allegations of closeness to Putin: “I did not have a conversation with President Putin or supported his actions in Ukraine,” she declared about a month ago to the ground, but at the same time she expressed herself for Don’t close all bridges with Moscow. Now one wonders if Gayane Kerakosjan was meant to be one of them.