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Last resort to save money, but they are running out

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I rushed to buy pellet stoves. The reasons are due to the increase in electricity and the war in Ukraine. Is this the right way?

The demand for pellet stoves has increased significantly since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The heat bonus, then, drives the purchase more. Below are the details of the situation.

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the last Electricity and gas bills They keep bitter surprises. Large sums that are impossible to pay for many families with the consequences Unpaid bills increased dramatically. The battle against price hikes begins from a battle against consumption excessive and where government assistance is insufficient, it is necessary Personal intervention to reduce expenses And the protect your money. At home, we try to pay attention not to leave TVs and computers with the lights on in standby mode Use the washing machine and dishwasher at the cheapest time of the dayTo reduce shower time and unplug the mobile phone charger when the device is not charged. At the same time we try to reduce the use of heaters by running the radiators less or looking for a valid alternative such as pellet stove.

Pellet stoves, in search of savings

pellet stoves economic, sustainable and easy to install; Guarantee Excellent performanceProgrammable, heating the environment by reducing consumption. The above characteristics convince many people to go ahead with the purchase of this type of stove, especially if you live in places where it is freezing cold. The owners of hardware stores in the Treviso area took care of it Increase in orders From pellet stoves and the fact that the item is out of stock proves this.

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All this is the result of one The global economic crisis That got worse first with the epidemic and then with the war in Ukraine. This second event dramatically changed the geopolitical and economic origins of the entire planet and set off a general wave of fear and uncertainty about the future, perhaps Worse than the one that grew up with the spread of covid 19. As if this were not enough, the ramifications are in every sector in terms of overhead costs. Increases do not give a respite to families and businesses, and everyone is trying to find individual solutions to reduce consumption.

Consequences of the economic crisis

Increasing food items is the biggest burden on citizens. Shopping has become a constant search for savings – Fuel, electricity and gas. The fallout from the economic crisis has triggered a race for relevance, which has weighed heavily on purchases by Italians in the past month.

Some investigations have shown a specific interest in “certain” articles. first and foremost Rush to buy bunkers It was followed by important surveys in the stoves, heaters and heating sector in general, indicating the citizens’ fear of what might happen in the future. The goal is an alternative heating if gas no longer arrives from Russia, as well as a system that is cheaper in terms of consumption. Hence the choice of pellet stoves.

Heat bonus for buying pellet stoves

Boost was given to pellets Thermal Reward incentive that Allows you to recover part of the expenses to buy a stove. The taxpayer can specifically choose between Discount on the billIncentives for building renovations or thermal calculation. Savings added to the expected bill by using pellet stoves instead of radiators, from about 300 to 1000 Euro every year.

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