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Canada: Trudeau under investigation for handling protests against mandatory vaccination

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This week in Canada Investigations The Canadian government used emergency legislation last February to establish whether it was legal to block protests by truck drivers and civilians against mandatory vaccinations. The purpose is to establish whether the exceptional powers sought by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau respect constitutional principles. there Public Order Emergency CommissionThe first public hearing was held in Ottawa on Thursday, chaired by former Ontario Court of Appeal judge Paul Rouleau. This led to Trudeau’s use of emergency legislation In response to the Freedom Convoy protests in February: The jury will hear statements from 65 witnesses, including convoy participants, Ottawa residents, law enforcement officials, municipal and provincial officials and federal government ministers. Trudeau will be asked to answer questions during six weeks of public hearings. “This important phase will shed light on the events that led to the declaration of the emergency of public order and thoroughly examine the reasons for the declaration,” Rulev said on Tuesday. Note.

Dear Zwiebel, Director of the Fundamental Freedoms Project Canadian Civil Liberties AssociationFrom the outset, the Association considered that the application of the Act, approved by the Canadian government in 1988, was unfair. Emergency law,” Zwibel said in an interview with the broadcaster. Al Jazeera.

Protests began in Ottawa last January against increasingly tough anti-Covid measures, particularly the mandatory vaccination: demonstrators demanded. End of all restrictions And this Canadian Prime Minister resigns. As a result, they occupied the streets of Ottawa for weeks and set up blockades at border crossings in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta. Following the implementation of the Emergency Act, law enforcement took over Strict measures to end sanctions, arresting dozens of participants and ordering the freezing of the current accounts of convoy organizers. Trudeau supported the government initiative, saying it was a “responsible thing to do.” “After weeks of dangerous and illegal activity, it’s clear that local and provincial authorities need more tools to restore order and keep people safe,” he said.

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According to Schwiebel, the hearings are important because they will prompt the government to explain its reasons for introducing emergency legislation. However, he added that he expected the government to try Hide some information “On the basis of national security and on the basis of cabinet discussions or cabinet convictions.” So, he explained, it is the most important thing to check Government transparency in documents. In late June, the commission announced that the government would release the documents to the jury, but it was unclear whether these would be made public. The commission has until February 6, 2023 to submit a final report containing any recommendations to the Canadian government.

A health emergency and the restrictions put in place to counter it are in place Protests around the world, even in Western countries. In retrospect and without the pressure of emergency legislation, doubts about the constitutionality of the pandemic management have already been raised for some time. In Italy, Many of the sentences were tactfully executed They are beginning to acknowledge the illegality of the Dpcm and the Covid orders, yet are still determined to uncritically endorse the pro-government narrative without all this being highlighted by the mainstream media. However, there seems to be something stronger Pushed to critically analyze what happened during the “pandemic years”.“And, in this sense, the Canadian investigations are certainly a good starting point and are ongoing Separate Parliamentary Inquiry into “Freedom Convoy”. And on the response of the authorities.

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