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Hamas is disintegrating. “The clashes will continue for another two months” –

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From our correspondent
Jerusalem – The cadastral map was drawn in the early 1970s, archived in 1977, and was gathering dust until those 64 days of conflict, when The army pulled him out to identify areas where Palestinian civilians could be ordered to moveIf the fighting intensifies in neighboring quarters. It was set up after the territory was seized from the Egyptians in the Six-Day War, and now it is being used because those 363 kilometers were cleared with weapons again sixteen years ago, by Hamas paramilitaries that defeated Palestinian Authority forces.

In the midst of these decades-long battles Residents remain who must escape from one plot to anotherThe pressure of Tsahal’s maneuvers pushes them towards the west and the coast. The most difficult battles – Now face to face – I’m in Shigaya Close to the border with Israel And in the siege of Khan Yunis – where Yahya Al-Sinwar, the leader of the fundamentalist leaders, appears to be hiding – but they also continue on their way to the north because the leaders want to take control of the Jabalia refugee camp.

It was in these parts, now reduced to rubble, that Gal Eisenkot, the son of the former chief of staff, was killed on Thursday, and in the south he was killed. Maor, the general’s nephew who entered politics Who sits on the selected board of directors leads operations. There have been approximately 100 casualties since the attack beganIt began after the massacres committed by Palestinian terrorists, which killed 1,200 Israelis. Herzi Halevy, Chief of Staff, met with the forces yesterday: “The terrorists surrenderWe see signs that the regime is disintegrating,” military sources reveal to the digital magazine AxiosWhich The more intense phase may take another two months.

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US veto in the UN Security Council against an immediate ceasefire proposal It angers the Arab countriesSo Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with the foreign ministers to explain that the United States “continues to support Israel’s right to ensure that Hamas never repeats” the massacre that occurred more than two months ago and at the same time They insist on increasing humanitarian aid and protecting civilians.

Army spokesmen showed A video clip in which jihadist militiamen beat bags of food intended for residents And take them to their base. Soldiers also accuse the group of firing rockets at Israeli cities from areas declared to Palestinian civilians as protected. More than 17 thousand died as a result of bombs in the StripAccording to the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry, Netanyahu’s national security adviser estimates that 7,000 fighters have been eliminated. The Prime Minister reportedly warned Washington that if the Houthis continued their attacks from Yemen on the Red Sea, he would give the order to respond.

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